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    Kodi addons do not work with Andriod

    You may have to go into settings and apps and add the storage permission to kodi.
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    Canada going after android boxes?

    Unless you're into gaming the shield is overkill to just use kodi. The kiii is an excellent box and you can find them on Amazon and elsewhere. I'm in Canada and grabbed one for $119 Canadian with delivery. Not sure what they run in the US. Uninstall the kodi version that comes with it and...
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    Canada going after android boxes?

    That's it. There will always be something. The providers charge way to much and nickel and dime you. My wife was curious about the cost of getting some basic live TV again. Once she saw we were being charged $200 for the install, charged monthly rental for a cable box for each TV and then...
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    Advice Needed purchasing Nvidia Shield Canada

    Memory express sells them as well. They have a few stores across Canada but they sell online as well.
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    how to upgrade kodi on chromebox running openelec?

    The update function in openelec won't update you from 5.0 to 6. So you will have to use the manual update option. Easiest and quickest way is copy the tar file you downloaded onto a USB stick. Plug that into the chrome box and use the file manager to transfer the file to the update folder under...
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    Best Case with Fan for Raspberry pi 2

    The flirc case is essentially a big heat sink. I have mine overclocked and the case never gets hot and the raspberry 's temp stays low
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    Best Case with Fan for Raspberry pi 2

    I use a flirc case on mine and it works great. I overclocked it the day I got it and haven't had a single issue.
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    Hello from Manitoba, Canada

    Always great to see another Manitoban here.
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    I need help getting cartoons and kids content

    Check out Spoysers repo. He has a very good selection of cartoon add-ons.
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    New to RPI 2 and have a few questions !!

    In system settings there is a video calibration option that you can use to adjust kodi to your screen. I don't remember exactly where. It's in the same option list as the screen resolution.
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    Have you cancelled your cable TV subscription yet?

    Cut mine about two and a half years ago. Stream pretty much everything now and my kids can use the box almost better then I can.
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    Desperately frustrated plz help

    Are you putting the http:// in front of the URL? That's tripped me up a few times because I'm used to not putting it into the browser.
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    Combo kit deal?

    Mcm electronics has a raspberry pi 2 media center kit on sale for 69.99. It has everything you need in it. Just search media center on their site and it pulls it up. I've bought quite a few of their original kit for the b+ and I just grabbed a pi 2 kit. No fuss no muss.
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    Mele f10

    I'm not sure of this will work or not but you can try changing the audio output. Goto settings > system > audio setup. The top setting is where you want the audio to go. See if that helps.
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    Kodi being a hard sell (Live TV)

    Once you show your wife how Genesis works she won't go back to live TV. It's like using a cable companies PVR but better. There are so many cartoon add ons between spoyers repo with watch cartoon, funnier moments & super cartoon. Plus the ones in highways repo with cartoon world and kiss...