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    20mbps, but Most Streams seem to stream at 2-5mbps.. Thoughts?

    That is a very fast connection, should easily handle the stream. try the wifi card in another device to make sure itr is working fully, try an ethernet connection to the router to see if that is an different, that might be the problem. If neither of these two substitutions cure the problem...
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    Intermitent problems are among the hardest to isolate. It can be just about anything. First thing I would do would be to try another sifi card, and at the same time try this wifi card in a different device. A lesser quality power supply can cause this to happen also a capacitor going bad; this...
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    Just joined

    Hello Weeble, I have been here for several months, I am still a noob, this site has helped me go from a guy that was totally lost to a person that now has some success. It took me a long tome of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't work. The forums here are packed full of knowledge...
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    Hello Lee, I have been here a few months but still am a noob, there is so much to learn, I am still lagging in a lot of knowledge, This have been the greatest site for me to learn XBMC and the team members have been absolutely great helping me. There is plenty of reading that will help you and...
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    Which brand of USB flash thumbdrive for Crystalbuntu is everyone using????

    I don't know what everybody is using but I can tell you what I have used. First of all, I always get name brands, and pay a bit more for them. I have never bought any generic or low cost memory, and hope that has avoided problems. My SD cards I have been using Sandisk and Transcend, both with...
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    Hi from XBMC noob

    Welcome to the HUB, I've been here a few months, but still a noob my self. Lots of reading and help here.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Happy holidays, and best wishes to all, be safe and happy!
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    5 posts not one reply

    Don't take it personal as I have a few posts here that went unanswered, there can be several reasons for this, possibly because there are so many posts, that your post may have been missed, which can happen, this is a busy site. sometimes the people reading it do not have an answer. I'm sure...
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    I use my amateur radio license since I am the only one in the entire world that has it. so it works for me.
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    Rasberry Pi wont boot up

    Did it ever work, and then quit working? Try pulling out the SD card and put it back in, with the power disconnected. Worst case, reload an image on a SD card and start from scratch.
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    hello from Egypt

    Hello to our friend from Egypt, long ways from Mojave Desert California USA. This is a great site for XBMC hope you like it.
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    Hello from Spain

    Hello for the Mojave Desert California, USA. Welcome to this cool site
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    just a hello

    Hello Sun, This is my favorite site and especially for XBMC, great amount of information and glad you found the site have a good time reading the forums, great information here.
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    Hello to all

    Hello to you, using XBMC, this has been the best site I have found for credible information. Glad you found this really cool site.
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    easiest way to get started?

    I buy just about everything on e-bay. You do have to be careful because a lot of the ads are made to sell their product. I like e-bay after I do research and know what I am going to buy, then I get a good price. Before I found the XBMCHUB, I bought just about everything on e-bay and found out...