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    Choosing an Android Box

    Mi Box for streaming or Nvidia Sheild for streaming and gaming.
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    Walmart is sold out in a 50 mile radius... they still have shelf space with label and price so hopefully they'll come back in stock soon. My understanding is Walmart markets got a certain number on the first release in the USA to enter the market and sales have been brisk and successful. Once...
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    do i need new box

    I'm currently running SPMC and do use Ex**us. SPMC gives me voice search with the remote is the main reason I use it. I haven't had any real problems with buffering related to the Mi Box. I'm curious as to why you would be having problems. I can't understand why it would be something tied to the...
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    Mi Box fits your budget and is best bang for the buck! No regrets here.
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    Contest winner

    Just want to give a shout out to TVADDONS for offering these contest / giveaway events! I just received my FireTV and want to say Thanks!
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    I initially was not impressed with the remote and kept my K400 Logitech Keyboard for a couple of weeks. The voice search option was my draw to the remote and after I caught on to long presses and such I put the K400 back in the closet. I'll use it for initial setups of Friends & Family Mi Box setup.
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    Okay, get ready to kick my ass off tv addons but I'v got some things to say that need

    If the original poster wants service then i suggest he goes and buys a Roku and enjoy the free Hallmark app provided for it. I get tired of hearing the how old I am thing and am not personally attacking the OP but damn I have been doing the coding, IT, hardware, and support thing for 30 years...
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    Could not have said it better! I speak from experience with linux based boxes, windows based, and a butt load of cheap junk versions of android modified by someone out of business or not updating their firmware after a year. I do have my share of Nvidia Shields out among family and friends and...
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    do i need new box

    I've moved on to the Mi Box for $70 and am happy to have a supported Google TV o/s for future support. Doesn't get much better for the money.
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    MXQ adroid box with 4.4.2 says I need new box with os 5

    Cancel that order and buy the Mi Box which runs true Google TV.
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    Buying new Android box need help!!! What's the "BEST"!

    Shield hands down the best Android TV device! Mi Box is a cheap alternative if you don't plan on gaming and just want to have an Android TV streaming device.
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    I just started using the Premium Real Debrid a week or so ago and am pleased with it. Very economical!
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    Updating MXQ to Android 5

    Correct it uses the Google TV Playstore for apps designed for a TV not a phone or tablet app. It is not a test store. The sideloading of common Playstore apps and other apk is another option if what you are looking for is available.
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    Real debrid authorization error

    Thanks for the update!
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    Updating MXQ to Android 5

    Get you money back and buy a Mi Box and move on. $70 get you the true Google Android TV o/s and a nice piece of hardware. I am a big supporter of Libre or Open Elec but if you want an Android box you won't be happy because of not having other apps. Just my 2 cents!