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    Problems with AdultFlix

    I just posted on GitHUB that 90% of the sources for tubes don't even work and boy if there are sources with actual videos it's so slow loading
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    here's a photo. wouldn't allow me to attach with image link.
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    I've had the same issues for weeks now as well. I've even scrubbed everything on my pi3 B+'s many times to still have the same issue. Follow the same procedure install kodi, fusion installer, indigo, xbmc repo, meta-url-resolver. Then I begin to add zips/repos/plug-in's/etc. The fusion installer...
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    Indigo Cache

    For about a week or so, when running auto maintenance and/or each item there's between 400-700kb of cache still leftover that's bugging me. I know on my Win10 Kodi cache is cleared to "0" using Indigo or another addon. What's going on?
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    Kodi "Win 10" No Loading

    Direct from Kodi's Download Site Win 10 and 64 Bit Installer. Happened again today. So, renamed the "gui", rebooted to get the new "gui" and still even after updating "gui" settings via the .xml file. Kodi doesn't recognize those changes and have to go through the whole...
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    Kodi "Win 10" No Loading

    Periodically kodi decides not to open and have to go through the whole deleted the guisettings.xml Re-open Kodi to establish new .xml but have to go in and change everything once again. I've even copied the existing guisettings and replaced the new .xml file details but system doesn't update to...