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    Which VPN is Best?

    PureVPN works great on my Nvidia Shield...I recommend
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    Newest breaking News.... website/domain seized today 3-31-17

    Nope is the real deal, unfortunately
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    Deleted Addons 19 File Question?

    So I deleted file 19 file on user data for because Pho*nix update would give me the "failed Dependency" and installing Ex**us also gave the "failed Dependency"!! I was able to unistal Pho*nix and reinstall using Addon Installer also Ex**us. But does not having this file would cause any problems...
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    Best box for $

    Avov TVOnline+!!!
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    Best Android box?

    Avov TVOnline + for me!!
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    What's your streaming source of choice?

    180UpLoad,MighthyUpload,Ishared,clicknload . hate captcha words sites!!
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    Mag 254

    No, is not made for it unfortunately and can't be added into it.
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    Can you give me some info regarding the Matricom G-Box Q ?

    It's a good box, nice price, runs on android!! no issues on my side!!
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    gbox problem

    In my personal opinion, run it with Openelec, it works better, picture quality improved and hardly no issues. You do lose google play store but it is worth it.
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    Any Anime Fans Here ? What Are You're Favs 😀 .

    I could never get into Dragon ball Z because it was just too kid oriented for me, but catching up on Tokyo Ghoul!!
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    Howard Stern on SHOUTcast

    Is it Shoutcast 2? because I can't find it there or is it XBMC Shoutcast?
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    What platform do you running Kodi on primarily?

    OpenElec here like the others that could not vote.
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    Good day to you all

    Welcome Tracey and enjoy!!
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    Any Anime Fans Here ? What Are You're Favs 😀 .

    Tokyo Ghoul, Vampire hunter, Blood, Dracula,
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    St.Patrick's Day.

    Happy St. Patricks Day!!! One Ireland 26+6=1 !!!