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    Hi from oklahoma usa

    I had not realized that the Interweb had gotten to Oklahoma! Welcome.
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    TRAKT issues

    Anyone else notice that TRAKT is very slowwww lately.
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    cannot post on cordcutters

    I was unable to register or contact them and just gave up.
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    Other add-on not supported here

    Agree with RavRob. I use Ex**us, SA*TS, Pho*nix, and a fork of Genesis, but that is all. With great success!
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    firestick mb

    Or you could try SPMC by Koying.
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    Buying new Android box need help!!! What's the "BEST"!

    I have both and you want the Shield!
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    New to this site and don't know where to start

    First upgrade to 17.1 to make sure you have the latest.
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    Kodi 17.1 on nvidia shield

    I have used 17.1 on stick, FTV, and Nvidia Shield with no issues at all.!
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    New addon for the site

    It was worth a try.
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    New addon for the site

    I reached out to MR KNOW and asked if he would ever consider joining He replied "Not interested". Too bad. His add on is the only one I consider using along side Ex**us, SA*TS, and Pho*nix>
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    Upgrading to 17.1 Krypton on a Amazon Fire Stick. (No Keyboard)

    You will not lose your settings and add ons. it works exactly like the FTV>
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    Upgrading to 17.1 Krypton on a Amazon Fire Stick. (No Keyboard)

    Go to KODI site and download the FTV version( it is the Android version with 7 in the title vs 8). Now download ADBLINK app for you computer. Setup ADBLINK. Use it to install the APK for KODI you downloaded.
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    buffering buffering buffering fresh install **** caching applied buffering buffering

    Wonder what would happen if you tried SPMC by Koying. It is supposed to ne made for Android. May tel you if it is the new build that is the issue.
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    Amazon Prime Video addon?
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    Kodi Installation on Amzon Fire TV Box

    Ex**us,Pho*nix, SA*TS, Spor**dev*l.