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    Help for Regex

    Just check now. im using 2.8.1.. where i can get the 2.8.2.. i check in shani and also your repo, there are also 2.8.1?
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    Help for Regex

    Thank you for your reply gujal. i'm already use LivestreamsPro v2.8.2 and i get empty list using this code.
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    Help for Regex

    hi, i have add cfscrape to the addon. but still not be able to play it. do i need to write something on the also?
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    Help for Regex

    hi guys, anyone can help me with this site, im using code from streamwatcher previously, but most of the link is not work. can anyone help me fix it if possible. <item> <title></title> <link>$doregex[makelist]</link> <regex>...
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    Help for Regex

    anyone know how i can play this link on kodi. i have try calling using plexus and <p2p></p2p> but not working. P2p://
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    Help for Regex

    can i get the code also streamwatcher2013
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    Help for Regex

    Thank streamwatcher2013, it work. but few stream show some error. is it because they use different source?
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    Help for Regex

    hi all. anyone can help me regex or any menu or stream from this site. pm me if possible.
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    Indian addon

    anyone know where i can get swa-desi now that noobsandnerd is down
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    LiveStream Pro

    is there any update of this addon?
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    Controller - Retro Gaming

    try it.not work for me
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    Is SPMC Better Or A LOT Better?

    thanks for the info
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    Help for Regex

    can anyone help me regex this this. hxxp://
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    Release Football Replays

    is this still ok? last time i install error playback
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    Trakt ... ?

    how do you create custom?