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    Resolver issues

    Upgraded my G-Box to KODI and find that I cannot set the resolver to Real-Debrid or All-Debrid. When I scroll through the resolvers those can not be found. I also notice that you can scroll to a certain spot, and then it shots pass several titles. Has anyone else had this issue. Don't know...
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    download from Addon

    Hi to All: Hope that this is in the right section of the forum. My quandary is about downloading from an addon to view later. Can it be done, and if so what exactly are the complete steps.
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    PrivateInternetAccess - Top VPN Provider

    Hi to all. Will the VPN stop "Those people" from knocking on your door with their search warrants after you've downloaded a couple of movies to your device to watch at a later time.
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    Urgent news! Apple stop signing 5.0.2 and 5.2 - jailbreak no longer possible!

    So exactly what do this mean for those using ATV at this point.