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    Request Help a developer with no gfx skills?

    Interested. What would you need. Just all digits and some letters in transparent background right? Also a housing for the clock I'd imagine? Would be nice to have some different designs right?
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    TV Show Subscriptions

    You first set up trakt. Sign up on the site, get the trakt addon, let it scrobble your current setup (watched items etc.). Then enter trakt details in Genesis settings under accounts. Go to My Genesis. Browse to trakt TV Collection or any list you'd like to import. Hit context menu. Add list to...
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    xbmc episodes

    Lol. I had this issue too. Searched endlessly and in the end I reinstalled everything. Still don't know which box I checked.
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    And finally finished the fanart for SA*TS
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    My contribution to S.A.L.T.S. by tknorris.
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    Dev Tools

    Still open!
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    Art need for new music addon

    Sorted : nice addon Kinkin btw, loooove the moods section!
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    add pictures

    I use Amber. Nice editable layout and light weight.
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    LOL... Disney + Root Canal

    Keep us posted eh? [emoji12]
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    Art need for new music addon

    Looks like you're sorted Kinkin ;) Curious to see your new addon!
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    LOL... Disney + Root Canal

    Smack your toe against a hard wooden chair, 200mph preferably. That will numb your toothache and you can get the wife to push your wheelchair around all day?
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    The Funny Picture Thread :)

    This one made me all *giggle-like-butthead*.
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    Trakt Font?

    I used a font analyser in the 1Ch**nel font the other day. It worked out fine!
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    Nice and clean Jokster.
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    Are you Trakt user?

    Jup we are FRIENDS now :p