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    Help for Regex

    It also take very long time to start the stream. For example this channel on the browser is from another server and in kodi from another server. Yupp vs Airtel. In Kodi it is extremely buffering. Please check and inform me. In Browser...
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    Help for Regex

    In DeccanDelight the Channels are loaded from another link. The stream is buffering and not really useful. Online on abroad India the stream is playing fine. Can you please check and update?
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    Help for Regex

    Hi Guys, can you help me with regex for the following site please: and maybe this if it is possible:
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    Help for Regex

    Yes, you are right. Thank You. Just had to update the addon.
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    Help for Regex

    Hello Guys, can you help me with regex code for the following site please?
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    Help for Regex

    Thank You for your information. Maybe you can help me with this: and
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    Help for Regex

    Hi Guys, can you help me with regex for the following please: Thanks in advance
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    addon errors

    Thank You for your answer. Is there any update by now?
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    addon errors

    anything new about regex help?
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome back hehe
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    Video and livestream

    also interested!
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    Amazon Firestick Best Setup?

    What is the best advancedsettings.xml for the new fire tv stick?
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    anybody have info about the plugin?
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    Indian addon

    hopefully they will be restored shortly
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    Deutsch addons

    What are you looking for exactly?