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    Auto updates for dependncies like URL Resolver?

    If the dependencies are set to auto update (default) and you have a repo installed on the device that is pushing new updates to that dependency, the dependencies will update... The biggest challenge is finding the new or sometimes old repos that are pushing legit updates of whatever dependency...
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    A little help on backups

    Save yourself a lot of trouble and see if there is a Linux ROM of Kodi 17.x that can be flashed or booted to that device... Short of that rebuild on Kodi 16 or simply invest in new hardware, as what you are trying to do will almost always result in a broken or ill...
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    minimal required speed?

    9.9/10 times it's not the end users speed that is the problem, it's the servers you are trying to stream from not being able to keep up... That said with 4.5Mbps down you should be able to stream SD and 720p HD video, decent enough assuming it's a solid and not throttled back connection on your...
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    ac adapter 1amp or 1.5amp???

    I know this is old, but lets set the record straight for anyone that might come across it, I'm an Electronics Engineer by trade this is literally what I do for a living... A higher Amp power supply won't harm the device, the device will only draw the Amps it needs in this instance, end of...
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    flashes of blue during vedio play

    Many rippers and hosting sites are now transitioning from h.264 (Mpeg-4) rips to h.265 (HEVC) rips, some older hardware can't properly hardware decode the new h.265 codec so on those devices decoding has to be done all in software now or it glitches.
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    Kodi 18 Skins Query

    Many 17 skins will work fine with 18 if you just edit the addons.xml so it doesn't block it from being used, I doubt many developers will officially sign off on 18 skins until it officially replaces 17.x That said, before you attempt to force a skin on 18, best to do a backup of the Kodi...
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    Iptv services or addon

    It's a whole lot less trouble to use video on demand addons vs live IPTV addons...
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    Hypothetical Question

    Clear providers simply clears a previous scrape that was done for that exact search and forces a new scrape if the same search is done again. In this dynamic environment it's best to do new scrapes every time as there is a high probability that cached results will be outdated and broken in as...
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    Request backup programs no longer work

    Some third party addons use 'special characters' in file names or some other 'non-compliant' file name quirk, depending upon the OS this can cause the backup addon to crash... The fact that the PC behaves differently then the android based devices suggest this (or something similar) is the...
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    ******** ******* **** repo

    First and foremost, I want stress under no circumstances am I going to provide any links on the forum or even by PM since most of the addons found in said repo were banned on this site, so please don't waiste my time or yours asking where... That said the Internet is not being erased, a few...
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    No Indigo tool in the Begin Here folder

    Yes, but since the dependencies are likely also broken at this time, it's nothing but a pain in the butt, and would likely require you get the files from some other site and that is beyond the scope of this forum...
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    Accidentally deleted everything!

    The best course of action is to just wait until the server is all updated and fixed, everything else is beyond the scope of this forum...
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    No Indigo tool in the Begin Here folder

    I take it you missed the message that was there instead?
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    Cannot Install Fusion

    If one bothered to casually glance at the subject of the top 10 threads in most forums or dares actually read a few of them, or use the search feature before starting a new thread, it would be blatantly clear that there are server issues... A little effort by one self before posting a new...
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    Aware of Issue

    I would guess that when it's all said and done there will be 100s of post on this forum cheering as well as probably a blurp on Facebook and Twitter, as well as 100s of other sites...