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    Windows 10

    Why start a new thread asking the exact same thing as the last one where people have given you the same answers
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    You dont have to make out anything Joining the forum and then calling peoples work "naff" and "poor" is bad form and hardly constructive criticism If something doesnt meet your standards,then step up and contribute (this is the thread to do it )and you will be welcome to submit your work for...
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    Im sure the people that took their time to make this "naff" artwork and countless hours developing and maintaining skins will be thankful to hear that
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    Weather not updateing

    The api changed,its being looked at by the developer The addon isnt from here,its from kodi so for any more info,have a look there for updates
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    Wtf ? You close all threads about hardware (and looks like deleted them all now and/ or moved them to dead forums which is crazy as they are full of useful info and a lot of peoples hard work and free time went into some of the work in those threads)so nobody can talk about that topic anymore...
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    Channel Lists Across All Add-ons are Empty

    Yes,netflix :) This isnt meant to be rude but again i say discount what you have been told on the internet or people who sell boxes and tell you that you can watch what you want at the click of a button.It doesnt work like that You need to be prepared to find out how things work and to put in...
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    Channel Lists Across All Add-ons are Empty

    The advice you will get off most is if the box came preloaded,especially with any wizards or "builds",then wipe it and start from scratch and set it up yourself If you look at the top of the forum you will see guides for fusion and then use the addon installer to install which addons you want...
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    Channel Lists Across All Add-ons are Empty

    Discount 99 percent of whatever you have read on the internet,its mostly all crap People make guides for the sake of it nowadays and by the time they have copied someone elses info,the addon is dead anyway c***ud is blank and not working/intermittent for a lot of people and is hit and...
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    Firestick keeps restarting

    If you clear data you will loose everything You dont need to install any other maintenance or anything else There is a file manager in kodi,use that Have a look what size thumbnail folder is and then delete thumbnails and textures.db and reboot and see if it helps Same with packages,you can...
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    Bug MP3 Streams cutting out...

    No one on this forum familiar with the search button? Try looking in the release thread and read through it and then if you want help,look on the forum how to get it,im sure if kinkin knows whats wrong then he might be able to help if and when he gets time
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    Can I get VPN - android help please?

    Thats because netflix has geo restricted content for various countries,same as the likes of hulu,pandora etc etc ,they arent blocked because of the isp,its because of location,its a different thing Those others arent blocked from the uk,they are blocked by isp
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    Can I get VPN - android help please?

    It isnt the uk thats doing it,there are isp providers in the uk that dont Smart dns is no good because its not a geo problem,its the isp that is being used i.e bt
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    Can I get VPN - android help please?

    You are getting confused regarding being blocked from websites :) Its nothing to do with your location or the location of the addon or website or whatever,its your isp thats doing it,you dont have to keep changing location for every different addon If you use a vpn then you connect through...
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    Can I get VPN - android help please?

    Its nothing to do with being geo blocked,its your isp thats blocking access,nothing to do with your location .exe file will not work on android,its for windows Why dont you download their android app from the playstore and install that on your box? No idea why they didnt tell you this in the...
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    Selling pre-configured Kodi on fire stick, illegal?

    Your product? :D :D :D You sell other peoples work and then come here and blatantly tell everyone that you are doing it and want to keep doing it as a business You are either on a wind up or taking the piss out of the people whose work you are selling and making money from A fire stick costs...