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    Live streams

    Hi guys i have a problem with live streams. After 10 minutes the live stream quits and goes to the menu of kodi. Any solutiobs for this problem? For movie no problem!
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    stable version

    Hi Folks I have the 14.0 version on my firetv for a long time. I have heard the version 14.1 and 14.2 have some issues with fire tv ? :D
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    App Launcher AFTV (root NOT required)

    Someone test this.
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    kodi logo getting deleted overnight

    If the fix is the firetv app utility why wait fot ocola
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    kodi logo getting deleted overnight

    Hello i have this fixed monday and the icon is still kodi 😉
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    kodi logo getting deleted overnight

    Thanks for the info... I haven tried with 1.15 version no succes. But i have tried with the latest firetv amazone app utility and the icon Kodi returns back. I don't know for how long..... but i will check it.
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    Guys i want to setup library genesis but iam stuck. I can not locate the plugin genesis ( browse file) can any one help find exact location?
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    I have sometime buffering with 1080 movies. My internet is perfect with lan. Is there any advancedsetting i have to push. So ya how to do this?
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    update Kodi

    Guys 1. I want to update my xbmc to helix....but i want not lose my addons ? how can i do this ? 2. Sometimes i have a erro commonne cache (gotham 13.2) any solutions for this ? 3. what is the BESTt recommend verion for the firetv ?
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    Kodi 13.2 gotham

    Hai folks i need advice wich is better/functionable for the firetv gotham final release or the 14. Beta 4 helix?
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    [HOW TO] Disable Updates On Amazon Fire TV

    Hai folks Fire tv on te lateset firmwire. I have installed XBMC. I have my device NOT rooted (because i not want tot his) 1. IS it neccesery that i block update ?
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    clear cach ?

    Guys since i have the firetv i am very pleased about it...thanks the guys who helped me out... Since i have i see movie 1080 en 720 without any crashes en hiks question is with the atv is clear the cache....what about the firetv...i clear the with the hub almost clear ?1...
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    Zipfile to firetv

    great ...done !! thanks
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    Zipfile to firetv

    Igoodknight could you explain more specifiek. How to zipfile with adb ... Firetv has no sdcard reader?😳😁
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    Beware the new FTV Update

    Helping together that is forum for .... By the way in the movie it says you have download the Ikono from the appstore amazon. do you have to register to dowoad ikono ?