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    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas to you fine folks as well:)
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    Thanks for Nothing

    spoon feeder
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    Happy Canada Day

    It was like a sauna...but a great day !
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    kodi 18 and APK files

    They are apk files in my file manager and are played from where my apps are... not while Kodi is running Thanx
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    Git Browser

    Not your user name but the user name of the developer...I believe you could google the names or Rav Rob use to have them in his signature/page
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    kodi 18 and APK files

    I thought APK files ran independently of kodi...******* , ********* tv ect. Why would you want to put them inside Kodi ?
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    Won't support cash donations. Offer you moral support

    I would have preferred paypal...but used mc didnt see that option
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    gbox mx2 should fix you up if bricked
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    Real-Debrid + North-America = Don't bother

    Been using it for 2 years very happy with the service they provide..:o
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    Can Kodi Connect to Bluetooth Speakers

    I believe I have done this with my beats speaker...:)
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    new box

    Sorry ...yes was what I was saying:D
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    new box

    Why would it be Differant....
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    audio/video cables

    I have an older tv I'm hooking up in my garge with a cs918 media plyer when I hook up the box I have a rolling picture I have changed the wire still the same changed the tv still the same is there a setting on the media player to fix this it does not do it with hdmi cables on a better tv. Thanx...
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    CBS Sports Network ?

    You could look in N*vi X...underground
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    My g-box midnight mx2 box picture not showing

    It will also do that if you firmware is incorrect