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    hi all , wasn't sure where to post it , but it looks that here is where others dev's might see my problem : I had a repo on github for an year + , and last month there was a problem in all of the github repo's for xbmc so i moved it to bitbucket, today i am getting the : "Rate limit for this...
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    who can update my new repo location in fusion?

    unmouch cant get p.m and i need the fusion adress of world\hebrew to be changed.
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    add a directory item that resolve and play in one click?

    solve it using mikey sample changing addDir : if mode==3: ok=xbmcplugin.addDirectoryItem(handle=int(sys.argv[1]),url=u,listitem=liz,isFolder=False) else: ok=xbmcplugin.addDirectoryItem(handle=int(sys.argv[1]),url=u,listitem=liz,isFolder=True)...
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    add a directory item that resolve and play in one click?

    hey, thanks for your reply , i am a beginner who got used to not using t0mmo's methods, i dont care to write more. when i write resolve i mean regex stuff in my own code so no need to go into another plugin idont use urlresolver in this code its a basic site scraper. all my other plugins...
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    add a directory item that resolve and play in one click?

    i have this list of url's in my addon the thing is i want that in one click it will resolved and play. i could only get it by addLink after addDir. but then its two clicks or using xbmc.Player().play() and afterwords empty addDir() i should i do it? add a directory item that resolve and...
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    Newbie Question about UrlResolver

    i tried to delete urlresolver library from xbmc/addons in order to understand how it works. i expected it to re -Download as the xml requires it in some addons but it didn't , also couldnt find manual download for it from repo anywhere. what am i missing ?
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    WISE unpacker python port

    works great ! thank you .
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    [REQUESTS] Resolvers

    so novamov is not working now? edit: just saw this . *******
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    question on XBMC.Container.Update

    hi , i am using a def that i am calling from addDir that does return xbmc.executebuiltin('XBMC.Container.Update(%s)' % url ) now i want that the user will be able to back to my main Addon. i am building sort of an addon redirects to childern's categories in others addons tried also...
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    so am i the only one posting here?

    Thank you for the reply . If u use it i will too.
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    so am i the only one posting here?

    i guess all the others doesnt need help. anyway : i have an addon requesting a lot of data in one function opening a lot of pages to scrap. and its taking too much time to each run i want to cahce the result for 2-3 days , can someone give me a demo to an addon that implement it i saw the...
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    play one of 3 url's

    i have url1 url2 url3 only one should work each time what is the fastest way to try play those links in a line no need to resolve the working link i direct mp4
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    librtmp auto update within addon

    any way to auto check and download latest version from within addon?
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    trying to find the final url

    nevermind i had succses the weird problem was that somehow for me and others librtmp.dll somehow was deleted fro dvd player library dont know how..
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    trying to find the final url

    here are two examples from url helper i cant play in vlc ( thay way i check ) **link were deleted** what is the correct way to edit it in orrder to play it in xbmc \ vlc(testing)