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    Need help with setting up a flash router using DD-WRT or Tomato

    Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r28493M std (12/10/15) is the build I am using on the netgear r7000. My vpn is PIA. It has been a very solid. Very pleased with my setup. Overhead for VPN is not noticeable with my config. With my setup I can choose access through the router or ISP router/modem...
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    Path to WdCloud

    Solution for me is, enable in system - settings - services - UPnP/DNLA - enable share libaries , anounce libary updates look for remote UPnP players. I use Confluence Helix. enable Upnp on router. In my case from Ex**us / tools / dnld / tv / enable dnlds / choose windows network (SMB) /...
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    Path to WdCloud

    GOT IT! Will post details later.
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    Path to WdCloud

    I have Kodi installed on the Shield. What are the work a rounds? I am thinking if there is a way to actually enter a path to cloud after I choose upnp device (wdcloud) When choosing download to / settings to enable the path shown is upnp://55076fe-6b79-4d65-(etc) much to long to enter it all...
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    Path to WdCloud

    Yes I have it set up for a public share. There is no need for a login or password. I can view and play movies that I place on the wdcloud from my laptop. I just can not push from Kodi to the Wdcloud.
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    Path to WdCloud

    I have connected by way of Upnp. Ex**us is not the only addon that offers dnld but so far no matter which addon I try dnlding looks to be working but after it shows completion it is NOT there. I will hammer through on it.
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    Path to WdCloud

    I have done allot of searching this forum, kodi wiki, Kodii forums, and I get many results but none that address my issue. I can place .mpv4 files on the cloud with my laptop and find the files / play from Kodi. I place .jpg on the cloud with my laptop and they are found in kodi but I CAN' view...
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    Path to WdCloud

    I have a WDcloud setup, I have set up and kodi finds the drive but When I try to dnld the path is incorrect. I see wdcloud as the device but the path should be wdcloud\tv or wdcloud\movies or wdcloud\pictures ect. I can not find where to alter or enter the path from just wdcloud? Where do I...
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    PrivateInternetAccess - Top VPN Provider

    I have been using PIA for 3 weeks now. I have a router NightHawk r7000 DD-wrt. Setup using Seattle servers. So far my impression is not at all good. Daytime Mbps is 5 to 10% down from what I get without vpn, good but the bad is evening Mbps drops and additional 40 to 45%. In the forums at PIA...
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    Ethernet connection or wireless?

    Just a thought is your cat5 laying near anything that cause interference, transformers, ballast, ups etc. it is best to try and keep it from running parallel with elect. wires also.
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    smb, ntfs, fat32 on usb

    I have searched and see a reference to smb format on usb for xmbc. I have a fire stick and use a netgear r7000 router on vpn. I think i understand that there is a place in xmbc to set the path to the usb? But I am unclear as to if the usb thumb drive HAS to be formatted to SMB? Can it be...
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    I just wanted to say hi from the mountains of Montana. Bought a pre-loaded firestick off ebay, to see what it is about. First impression I am thinking I can drop my dish. Tired of the bill and lousy service.