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    Has anyone got a Minix NEO z64??

    In the end I got the Minix NEO z64 Android, so far so good, much faster then my old Apple Tv2. Takes a bit of getting used to the A2Lite controller though.
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    Has anyone got a Minix NEO z64??

    To be honest, the Windows version doesn't really appeal to me. I'm a lot more familiar with apps that work well on Android phones. Cheers for the replies, I basically want to watch live football and series /movies
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    Has anyone got a Minix NEO z64??

    Cheers, that's what I want to believe. Internet forums are invariably full of angry people.
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    Has anyone got a Minix NEO z64??

    Hi there, Have been thinking about getting one of these, BUT looking on the Minix forums there seem to be lots of problems. I don't know whether to think there is a high proportion of dodgy devices or if people only go online when they have sth to complain about. So basically I'd like to...
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    Replacement for Apple Tv2

    As the title says I'm looking to replace my ageing Apple Tv2 with an Android box. <br /> Tempted to get the Minix NEO X8-H plus, but also happens to be much more expensive than other devices like the M8 boxes typically sold by Droidsticks. <br /> <br /> Anyone got experience of both and will the...
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    Did you upgrade to Kodi 14.0 yet?

    Go to settings / appearance / skin / and make sure you have the default skin. That worked for me.