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    Best box for Wifi?

    I purchased a T-8 s812 as well hoping to get similar performance as the M8S but with better wifi and was very disappointed . The best I have tested so far is the MXQ M10 S812 unit. I am getting 35-38mb/s DL speed from a 55mb connection in a location where the T-8 is only getting 15-18mb/s . I...
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    starstream is another example of a good matricom box

    The StarStream MX3 ( like the GBox MX2 ) is the same model as the generic MX Box. The hardware is exactly the same and they are all made by the same manufacturer. Basically, StarStream and GBox pay them to slap a new name on it and customize packaging and firmware. Better off purchasing the...
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    Where Do You Watch Yours ?

    Rec Room - Alienware X51 Living Room - ATV520 Bedroom 1 - MK888B Quad Bedroom 2 - Mk888B Quad Bedroom 3 - Ouya Also have it installed on 3 Laptops, 3 ipads and Iphone 4s Retired Pivos M3 Jynxbox M3 Apple Tv 2 Droid MX
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    Sumvision Nano Plus internet problem

    I have found that the majority of the Geniatech ( Pivos, Jynxbox, Sumvision, MyGica ) made boxes without an external antenna have terrible wifi reception. Even if you do get it to connect trying to stream most files are unbearable. There is a mod where you can change the positioning on the...
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    Chinese android tv box

    The unit you have is not a clone.. if anything the GBox is the clone. They basically paid the manufacturer to repackage their product with the GBOX logo on it. The GBox unit uses an AmLogic chip so the new Gotham builds do not have hardware acceleration enabled for AmLogic yet. Your best bet is...
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    can you put xbmc on your tv

    From what I understand Google dropped Google Tv and is now installing Android on all new Smart Tv's. I have seen a video of XBMC working directly from the TV using Android OS.
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    atv1800 quad core anyone have it yet?

    I don't think it has been released yet. I am a big fan of the ATV520 and ATV1200 but with a $200 price tag for the ATV1800 I think I will pass. At that price I would rather spend a little more and get a compact HTPC.
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    what u guys think of the minix neo x7?

    Specs are pretty much identical. I found the MX2 to be not as stable as the atv1200 and had some issues. I found it froze up a lot more then the atv1200 and xbmc would crash every once in a while. ATV520 runs about the same as the atv1200 and is less then 1/2 the size. If you don't need the...
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    additional box purchase requires linux xbmc - any helpers? This is the thread regarding Linux for MX Dual Core Boxes.
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    Best xbmc box for under £100 fully loaded with all the best ad ons available?

    Depends what model you are getting. The new JynxBox and ATV400 have some issues . The ATV520 and ATV1200 work very well. The Gbox MX2 seems to be good with decent support.
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    Something like this. You also need to consider the positioning when add-ons are open so that the logo is squared up and centered.
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    My opinion is that people want a very clean looking backround and you would be better off having the XBMCHUB logo and address to be very subtle as so the user will see it but it doesn't scream at you. I know you want it to stand out and draw attention but if everyone changes it because it is too...
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    MyGica ATV520 is great!

    The other reason for the no Display is if you changed the display settings in android to 1080 but your TV can only output 720. If this is the case plug it back into the tv that works and change the output to 720 and it should work. This reply was for Steve.. I forgot to quote.
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    MyGica ATV520 is great!

    You may have to do a factory restore. Unplug the power supply. Use a toothpick to press into the little reset hole on the bottom of the unit and plug the power supply back in while keeping the toothpick in reset hole for 5 seconds. This will boot you into the restore screen where you can chose...
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    [INTRODUCING] The skin of skins mod!!!

    LOL, I got a chuckle about the Pirate comment made earlier.. it is so true. We all be pirates and thieving is what we do .. aye matey !!