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    Should I run IPVanish through Windows VPN setup or as program?

    Through my computer, I can either set IPVanish up through Windows Internet Options, so I can connect through the wireless internet access, or I can start it as a program and click on the "Connect" button. Through the Windows internet option method, I filled in a server in Atlanta. Run as a...
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    Thanks dudes ❤️❤️❤️!

    I want to throw in a big THANKS!!! as well.
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    Kodi 17 issue

    Krypton 17.1 will not start on my Windows laptop. Never had a problem with 16.1. I followed the instructions from the "Install" section of this website. At the last dialogue box, I checked "Run Kodi" and then "Finish". The dialogue box disappeared, but nothing else happened. The new program...