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    just for him addon ?

    does this addon not work anymore , i think its in the videodevil , or will it not work on firestick . thanks
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    Videodevil Not Working

    working again now on ***247 , thanks
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    Videodevil Not Working

    videodevil wont work after its just updated to version *** 245 , is anyone else having this problem , just says error check log , , both on amazon fire tv and nvidia. thanks
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    how to tell if you have watched a programe ?

    if im watching a series , how can i tell where i had previously watched up to ? they used to have a"tick " next to them , but i cant see this feature anymore . how do i activate this or is there another way ? thanks
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    addons not updating ?

    i tried deleting the *****.db files , and the first one ive deleted , now i keep getting message saying addons arent compatable ,over and over again . i must have deleted the wrong file . i will uninstall kodi and install 16.1.
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    addons not updating ?

    i think auto update is on , because when i go to do it manually the auto update has a blue dot on the auto update selection of every addon . is there somewhere you can select auto updates for all addons ? thanks
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    addons not updating ?

    i have let the config wizard install the recommended addons , so should the repos be installed automatically ? thanks
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    addons not updating ?

    i am running 16.1 but not all addons are updating , i have to update them manually , how do i correct this ? thanks
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    cant put to sleep ?

    ive loaded firestarter and set it to 1 click for kodi and double click to put to sleep , all works well whilst i have a registered amazon account , but when i deregister ( so i can sell the stick without my details on it ) , then ive noticed that the double click doesnt put the stick to sleep...
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    AFTV doesnt turn off properly ?

    when exiting kodi 15.0 isengard , i click the bottom left "off" symbol and then get the choice to "EXIT" , but when i select it , it re-starts kodi . why is this ? ( could it be because kids havent stopped a movie properly , before exiting ? ) . how do i rectify this because at the moment , i...
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    setting up to sell ( registration problem )

    i have a new AFTV and i want to intall kodi and sell it on . but when i plug it in it wants me to register and put credit card details in , obviously i dont want to put my email address and card details in , so how do i get around this before i can install kodi ? thanks
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    usb stick with channel list

    is it possible to load a iptv channel list onto a usb stick and put it in the fire t and then watch iptv channels from the stick via the fire tv ? thanks
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    cant put to sleep ?

    thanks will try that
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    cant put to sleep ?

    ive just put TVMC on amazon fire tv box and when following the tutorial , i was told to uncheck " allow updates " in the adbfire menu . now when everything is loaded ok , i cant put the AFTV to sleep , so have to wait 30mins for it to turn off . how would i sort this without having to re-install...
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    updating to kodi ?

    thanks for that