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    Issue with Git Browser?

    I tried again to use the Git Browser and am still having the same issue. Everything looks likes it's working, but after the download/install is complete, the addon or repository simply isn't where to be found. I tried looking for the logs, but I can't find any logs. The only log I...
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    Issue with Git Browser?

    Is anyone else having issues with the Git Browser? I can search a developer's name and I get a list of their content. I can select their repo or addon and then install it. Kodi says the install is complete and I get the popup saying to restart to finalize installation which I do. When I go back...
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    The rom's are there when you launch the game, there are just no emulators. Not a single game will play giving the error message there are no emulators. I chalk it up to not being ready yet. This only works on Kodi 18 which is still in beta and not ready for public release. I think TV Addons just...