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    Fire Tablet

    DONT! you can simply download the Kodi apk from the official kodi website and install
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    Fire Tablet

    Whats the problem? Please be more specific
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    Frustrated by Kodi v17

    Enable debug loggin and check or upload the logs. @SteelyMan: clearly there are references to repositories which URL are no longer exitent, so you shall cleanup before and try again.
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    Fusion not installing

    Please list your steps. Are you talking about adding the fusion source via Filemanager or are you talking about failed install of a Repo / Addon from Repo
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    Can't find wiziwig in sportdevil

    as Spor**dev*l is no longer officially supported by the org. author, i'd recommend to instal the unoffical sportdevil repo from tvaddons
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    I have a question about Kodi 17

    get yourself adblink or ftv utility to sideload the latest Kodi apk
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    Fire Tablet

    Yes but you dont need to sideload, you can straight install the apk after you allowed to install from unknown sources
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    Can NordVPN be set up on My FireTV box?

    did you sideload the app? i tested quite a view VPNs unfortunately the remote of the firetv was not sufficient to configure any of the VPNs. So i havent found a suitable solution so far