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    Harmy's Star Wars Despecialized V.2.5?

    very good.....thanks
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    Do you own a digital antenna?

    OK.... You're using antennas for major local channels in your area that's fine but for me it's not enough..... So I get more channels by using app call ustv( I paid 3 bucks to get rip the popup) through my Fire TV to satisfy my needed I also have kodi and tvmc. What's do you have on your...
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    Do you own a digital antenna?

    I cut the cable and put it in saving for raining days..... You should do the same.
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    can u use soundbar with fire tv box ?

    I use vizio sound stand connect optical cable to Fire TV and audio-out from TV to my bose companion speaker either of them sound wonderful.
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    FTV Not Recognizing USB Flash Drive

    you must turn off.... usb debugging in... setting - system - developer option..... hope it help fix your problem.
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    Please Help Me ... Not sure how to fix

    thank you.
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    What antenna are you using? I have cut the cord need help.

    I'm living in coop apartment in nyc cut the cord 3 years ago i connect my tv using flat antenna (place it on the wall) amplifier power by usb port it's pretty good get most major channel 2 4 5 7 9 ..... it's simple setup the most important you have to supplement what you're missing.... i bought...
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    Have you cancelled your cable TV subscription yet?

    cutted the cord from TWC 3 years ago save $130 a month and my saving acc start growing since then.
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    Please Help Me ... Not sure how to fix

    i'm not tech.. there will be someone to help you. i like to know how to casting kodi to tv using local app... kindly explain how to.. would be greatly appreciated.
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    Netflix no longer working

    If this is wrong thread i'm sorry but i have problem with my AFTV.... mine is not rooted it keek update and work perfect until the latest fw update.... the usb port not working I can not use mouse or key board anymore. Is there anything to fix this? any help i appreciated.
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    M8 vs Amazon fire Tv

    Bought my AFTV for $60.....there are promotion at amazon that cut AFTV to $35 if you want to cut cable all the benefit if you're amazon member..…no need to root it you can sideload any things to device.…..the device always up to date by amazon so worry free update like...
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    [HOW TO] Root your Amazon Fire TV

    i think you have to undo the wifi update block on FireTV.
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    I have TVMC on my FireTv stick... it work excellent with Genesis the connection is fast and stable if i were you i stick with the one that work.
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    Low memory on fire tv

    I install appMgr lll (app to sd)... It's excellent app to clear cache in aftv make it run faster.
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    Keep FTV?

    this is amazon fireTV if you're not prime member it's worthless... no need to root you can sideload all the app.