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    MyGica ATV 582

    I was testing one over the weekend. It seemed stable on the Android platform, but I couldn't get it to work when I tried to flash it to linux. 1080P would buffer and not play. 720 had less buffering, but was still not smooth to watch. SD seemed to play flawlessly. I will continue to test it...
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    My Experience with MyGica A520E Dual Core

    I have been loyal to my trusted ATV2 and they have served me well, but with the end in site for this workhorse of a box, I ventured out to see what will be my replacement. My first stop was the Mygica A520E. I started off the day running xbmc 12.2 frodo (comes packed with it) and was...
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    Cannot bring up the contact menu for my repo's

    Cannot bring up the context menu for my repo's I can't force refresh my repos because the context menu won't come up on my ATV. When I go into some of the repo's, the list of add ons is empty. I have uninstalled the questionable repo's and then re-installed through fusion (add on installer...
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    This add-on was working great for me for a very long time on several devices on frodo 12.2 Suddenly, it is not working on 3 different atv2's or in xbmc on my macbook. I upgraded to gotham 13.2 and it still isn't working. I am getting script error when I go to "live tv" I've gone to the...
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    PLEASE HELP !!!!!! script error

    Did you just fresh start? Or change anything?
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    Brand New Pivos out of the box wont take Linux flash

    Thanks. I just found that and had no problems!! Love the support here!
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    Brand New Pivos out of the box wont take Linux flash

    One thing that I notice right away, is that when I access the utility menu, the screen flashes red. All other pivos boxes flash more of a yellow colour. Is it possible that Pivos has blocked the ability to flash with linux and boot direct to xbmc?
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    Brand New Pivos out of the box wont take Linux flash

    I have programmed dozens of boxes, but the latex box (brand new) wont turn on once I change the operationg system to Linux build. It is just a black screen. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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    at2 problems

    you should have no problems on 12.2 Have you gone to maintenance and cleared your cache recently?
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    Ustvnow freezing and kicking me out on various devices

    so I lowered the quality to 400 kpbs and it helped. It would kick me out after about 20 minutes.
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    Ustvnow freezing and kicking me out on various devices

    I am getting kicked out after about two minutes of viewing. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone know why? It is happening on my macbook pro and my ATV2 running frodo 12.2
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    Pivos Linux firmware WiFi issue

    The issue is only encountered when trying to connect to a second network. After running the hubwizard, you can connect just fine in confluence. If you give the box to someone else, and try to use it at their location, you must switch the skin to XIOS in order to connect and then you can switch...
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    Paying it forward.

    Keep Calm and Chive on!
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    Upgrading Apple Tv 2 Eden to Frodo

    Won't an update load Gotham 13 (the latest version of xbmc), not Frodo?
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    WiFi Issues

    I find that the distance of the wifi for the Pivos is very short. Try to keep the router as close as possible and under 20 ft away. Also, no walls or ceilings in between. Basically, it should be in the same room.