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    [RELEASE] Pearl Jam Live (initial release)

    Reviving an old thread. One of my favorite addons and I know that it is no longer supported. I'm trying to figure out how to get this on Kodi 17.1. Anyone know if there is a zip file somewhere? Thanks.
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    Splash Screen

    If your running a Fire Stick/Box and use adbFire to install Kodi, there is a simple "splash" button that lets you pick a very nice new screen. I'm running an older version of adbFire so they may have more images. Or you could probably add some images to the folder in adbFire.
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    Forum Browser Error

    Thanks. I wasn't sure where the error was coming from. I tried to upgrade but a dependency error. Probably will just delete the add on.
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    Forum Browser Error

    I've been getting this error for sometime as well on a Win7 box with 16.1.