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    Mouse 'right click' failure

    Thanks for your quick response. It was very helpful. I wound up using a wireless keyboard and using Ctl-C... cheers
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    Mouse 'right click' failure

    Hello.. I'm running XBMC on a Minix Neo X8-h box that came with 'XBMC for Minix' pre-installed. Everything operates as it should except for the 'saving to favourites' feature. When I right click the mouse it always returns me to the previous menu, regardless of what menu I am in. Right...
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    G'day from Malta

    Hello to all.. I'm very pleased to have found this forum. By just browsing through some of the threads, I've picked up added information that is very useful.. I'm running XBMC on a Minix Neo X8-H that came pre-installed with 'XBMC for Minix' using the Android 'Kit-Kat' 4.4 OS.. I was running...