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    NFL Replays

    Have found a section that is working in the Alpha - Project D.
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    Thank You TVAddons

    Would like to say a big thank you to TVaddons. Today I received my XUUM Box and it's really good. Thank You and keep up the good work.
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    What should be developed next?

    Would have to agree with this. This would allow easy use for a Tablet as Google CromeCast can be a bit laggy when casting the screen as it's not optimized to do that.
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    Have 2 MXQ android TV streaming boxes at home which the Kids use, I have at the moment an MXPro Box which has the main setup on it, I also have it loaded up on my Laptop and two tablets and an old Ipad which can't be used at the moment as it has a cracked screen. Will be looking for a better box...
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    Can't get add-ons to install due to no internet connection :-/

    You may need to change the setting of your Router as that can be another cause for connection problems, BT, Sky and Virgin all have smart setup's in router settings which can cause connection problems for boxes, turn of the smart setup. to find out how to do this google the smart setup for the...
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    NFL Full Game Replays

    This add on is now part of Podgod's repo as he has taken over ProSports. It looks good and looking forward to trying it out over the weekend
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    I have a problem with Fusion

    I have the same problem. Am in the UK and it work fine until a month a go. Now keep gettin g the same as the first post. The only way to get it us to use a build but I would rather use my own. I also don't want to use a VPN as I don't know how to use it on my MXPro box any help please.
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    Request NFL Replays

    Now that NFLReplays has gone, does anyone know where I can replays from. Pho*nix has a Highlights link which does not work for me so was hoping someone knows where I can get replays or even Highlights from.
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    Request Major League Baseball

    Is there a place to get replays for the baseball. If not it would be a good one for someone to add, as it would complete all the American sports.
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    UK Authorities Launch Facebook Piracy Crackdown

    The sad thing is this. The Police are spending so much time and money to track down this so called crime when real crime goes under investigated. In times of cut backs and moans of not having enough money to carry out their day to day duties the waste millions of pounds on this. This country...
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    Community Builds

    Does anyone use them and if so which one. I know not everyone will use TVMC just looking to see who uses what and what they think of them.
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    Installing xbmc on many devices.

    Thanks jonc will try this.
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    Did you upgrade to Kodi 14.0 yet?

    I ubgraded on my Tablet getting the problem but in the main runs well. PC not done it yet but thats more down to it having p2p running well. Tablet does not run p2p that well.
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    Beginning of the end

    That's right hooley. But this won't stop the p2p which is what most streams are.
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    Hudl 2 advice

    What do People think of this for running XBMC on it. I have read a few things about this and believe this works well with Chromecast. Your thoughts on this would be of...