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    Kodi on android tv

    I have kodi n my iPad mini and my laptop ,you can find a lot of info about kodi on YouTube
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    I like the amazon fire tv box
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    Help videos

    A lot of videos on YouTube to help a person with everything kodi
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    Help for Regex

    Helpful vids There are a lot of helpful videos on
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    Roku Bans Popular Social IPTV Linking Service ****** TV

    whats with all the banding stuff ,can’t we all just get along
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    Help for Regex

    You can get help with kodi and addons with the form and with YouTube
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    Why Should I Use a Kodi?

    There a lot of videos on YouTube.comto help ya with kodi
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    Totally Frustrated...

    Helpful info You can find a lot of help for kodi from down loading kodi to adding addons by watching videos
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    Totally Frustrated...

    Info You can learn a lot about kodi on YouTube videos
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    Forty Percent of All Mexican Roku Users are Pirates

    I usually use kodi for watching new releases movies n some tv shows
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    Kodi on android tv

    I have kodi on my iPad and fire tv box 2nd generation n a android box
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    Streaming Joshua v Parker is Illegal But Re-Streaming is the Real Danger

    I have kodi on my iPad mini 4th generation without jailbraking
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    Roku Removes USTVnow Service Following “3rd Party” Copyright Complaint

    Other alternatives Ustv now was a good app to use if you couldn’t get your locals with a antenna,a person now could use channel pear to get some of your network channels .
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    Google Adds ‘Kodi’ to Autocomplete Piracy Filter

    Spring in the air it’s about time , Have a great spring summer HaveToBeInItTooWinIt
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    Dotcom Wins Privacy Breach Case Against New Zealand Government

    Dotcom is the man,great to see him winning