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    Lenovo Ideastick 300

    I've got a few boxes myself but, I think I'll be putting them up for sale. I'm looking into a mini bluetooth keyboard for it as the full size one I'm using is a little cumbersome on the couch. It doesn't use the high speed band from my router and still it doesn't buffer. I put a 32 gb micro SD...
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    Lenovo Ideastick 300

    Picked up a Lenovo Ideastick 300 yesterday. You need a keyboard with a usb plug or dongle to set it up but after that you can switch to a bluetooth keyboard. Loaded Kodi on it and was pleasantly surprised at how well it runs. Very fast with no buffering and excellent picture. Microsoft store...
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    You wont believe this, I now like Windows 8.1!! (Well sort of)

    I agree. I had switched from a PC based setup to all apple. Macbook pro, ipads and iphones. I've recently sold my macbook pro and bought a Lenovo Yoga with windows 8.1 on it. I like it so much I've ordered a Nokia 830 also with 8.1 on it. It's funny that it took Microsoft 8.1 tries to get it...
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    ipad mini and xbmc

    Once again, you guys ROCK! It's great to have XBMC on my iPad mini running 7.04 8-)