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    M8s+ Android box remote issues

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows how to sort this remote problem I have with my m8s+ remote. Every time I press any button on the remote the on/off button on the TV control section just flashes and nothing else happens .... I can't even turn the box on due to this. I have changed the...
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    HD playback issues on MX Box

    Apologies I didn't make myself clear with original post. The lag happens on all film/sports HD links either from Ex**us, Pho*nix, Sportsmania etc. The point I was trying to make (badly) was that for some reason the playing of HD streams (uaing Sportsmania) via the Matrix app worked perfectly on...
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    HD playback issues on MX Box

    Hi everyone, Probably a regularly asked query but couldn't find anything so here goes ....... I have a hardwired MX box running Kodi 16 which plays everything fine apart from anything in HD which comes with perfect sound but horrendous picture lag (not buffering just lag). I have changed...