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    missing zoom feature

    I'm using 13.1 with default confluence skin but I don't have a zoom option under my skin settings. Is there a way to get the zoom option back so I can fit to screen?
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    WWE Network

    Does anybody know if there has been an addon created for this yet or is it still a work in progress? I have a gbox mx2. I downloaded the wwe app from the play store but my gbox mx2 gives me "video error" when i try to open the app. Does anybody know any alternatives to watch the network from...
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    F10 pro mapping fix

    Setup f10 pro per umouch YouTube video. Im rooted downloaded pro file, installed, etc. Prior to changeing the key file I could use the dpad and air mouse in Xbmc and the air mouse only in the ouya side. I was under the impression that the key file change would give mefull controller over Xbmc...
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    NFL Game Pass

    I did a clean install of 13.0 Alpha 7, same problem.
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    NFL Game Pass

    I deleted addons15.db, didnt have common cache installed. Same error. I checked weeks 4+ and the games are there just not week 3. Any other suggestions before I delete xbmc and reinstall? Is there a particular ALPHA version I should be using?
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    NFL Game Pass

    Hoping the missing list is the problem. I checked the cookie file and nothing was in their to delete. The script error gives a pop up that says "could not connect to network server." Thanks.
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    NFL Game Pass

    Tried your method. Worked like a charm. Old games play. The only problem is when I go to week 3 I get a script error. I know the first week 3 game will not be until Thursday but does the error mean I cant get live games. I'm on the latest Alpha8 build of Gotham 20130916. Am I good to go for...
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    Anything going on with the g-box midnight mx2?

    The box is great. It's a really good atv2 alternative. I ordered mine on monday of last week from Amazon. XBMC works great along with android apps and internet browser with flash. You can't beat this. I did notice it was sold out on Amazon by Thursday. Good news, I checked today on Amazon...
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    Can someone do Where do I vote or how do I donate to the project?