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    Hello friends, long time no see!

    thanks buddy ;) That made me lol, no kidding @RavRob thanks bud, sorry I just kinda disappeared and that applies to everyone just one of those things, something had to give
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    Hello friends, long time no see!

    Well I'm hoping this gets rid of the banner at the lop of the screen lol Jk, it really has been a long time, lot of stuff going on personally and just needed a break, I miss all my friends and the community in general, hopefully I'll find some time and start making my way back.
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    Help with subtitles

    Myself and at least one other person has had problems with OpenSubtitles that we were unable to correct. It looks like there is another version of the OpenSubtitles add-on but I didn't have any luck with it either. Suggest you download and use a different subtitle provider add-on, SubScene has...
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    hi all !!!!!

    Hi Dave and welcome to the forum, very glad you've joined. Great to hear it's working well for you and what's really cool is it only gets better as you learn all the standard Kodi options and get familiar with all the customisation and/or tuning that can be done using add-ons. Look forward to...
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    I will contact them to discuss and post an update here when I have one. Credentials shouldn't be an issue but I will definitely contact you if needed. Thanks.
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    need help please.....genesis problems

    Thread closed. Can't say with certainty whether it can be fixed or not but we are not able to assist. Time and effort must be focused on add-ons still being maintained.
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    Can I install Kodi on a smart tv??

    I know LG also has models that you can install Kodi on directly. I have a friend that bought one recently and he indicated setup was a breeze and it ran well. I don't have the link handy but I will search for it and update this post if/when I find it. Google (or startpage in my case) is your...
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    Looking for advice need some info

    installing a build is bad idea in general, it means you will end up with a lot of unnecessary stuff, likely too much for the limited resources of your fire tv stick, and not just any stuff but often nasty stuff, it is occasionally very nasty stuff akin to spyware, in addition there will be no...
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    hello all

    Hello @junky12 and welcome to the home of the best third-party add-ons for Kodi AND to the most amazing community of Kodi enthusiasts in the world. We are very fortunate to have such smart and helpful people so take advantage of it after spending some time reviewing forum structure, rules and...
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    Newbie Saying Hello

    Hello @garman1986 and thanks for joining. Welcome to the community!
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    A few more newbie questions

    Most general questions like this about SA*TS are answered in the excellent wiki tknorris put together on github, copy and paste the following link into a browser, it is explained there:*TS/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions
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    Welcome to everyone who has introduced themselves in this post. I have already said hello to some of you and I say hello to the rest of you now. We welcome everyone and hope you all enjoy your time here. This is a truly amazing community of kodi developers and enthusiasts, we hope you stay for a...
  13. S (nitroflare links) ?

    I'm not gonna address your questions as I could easily make a mistake but I did want to let you and anyone else who may be interested know that we have etablished communications with them and await a response now. They have already indicated they will maintain both hoster.json and hoster.json2...
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    new at this forum

    Welcome! Welcome and thanks for joining @ferrari. We all started as newbies and afaic if you ever stop asking questions you stop learning. Take some time to get to know the forum a bit, get familiar with the rules and with the various sections. Most questions have been asked and answered...
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    New to all this

    Welcome! Welcome and thanks for joining @ja020. Congrats on retirement, now the real fun begins! Definitely better to go wired if at all possible, especially if you want HD. I don't have an MXQ box but I am sure there are plenty of folks here that do so if you can't find answers answers or info...