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    Indian addon

    hi all, I know it's a late reply back. I will give this a go and let you know
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    Indian TV Addon

    Hi Does anyone know a good Indian TV Addon? so i can watch re-recording tv shows? i was using TV on **** zone but this has now stopped working. hope to hear from someone soon..
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    Sex & Grammer

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    The Engineer

    That's a good one.. lol
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    Lol nice one
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    Indian addon

    Does anyone know of any Indian tv addon for kodi that still work?
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    PrivateInternetAccess - Top VPN Provider

    Hi guy, Can anyone recommend a good vpn connection that I can trial? Sanchezuk
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    VPN only on kodi

    Hi, guys Does anyone on of a Vpn setup so it's only used when kodi is running? I am looking for a vpn or a setup for my computer. So when I start kodi it does a vpn via its own application and only kodi data use this vpn, Has anyone got this setup? It is there an application I could use...
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    Thanks to the devs - you guys rock!

    Hi, thank you all for the great work that all your people have done.
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    addon errors

    Ok. Thanks You
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    Desi Zone in AJ Addons Freezing

    Hi, has anyone come across this issues? the application is called tv on desi zone.
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    is IPVanish out of favor?

    Hi Guys, is there an vpn application which i can use so that only kodi goes over the vpn from the computer? As i have tried a number of vpn client but all my computer data goes over the vpn but i only want my kodi application to use the vpn. has anyone come across one that i could use?
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    Desi Zone in AJ Addons Freezing

    Hi I am having some issues where desi zone in Aj addon keeps on freezing when playing. The only source that works is watcher and all the others don't. I have removed the addon and re-installed it but still get the same issues, I have checked my internet connection and that is all working...