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    Ok so been reading this post and I'm wondering if I set up my MI box correctly. I downloaded Kodi from play store, now I'm wondering if I should have downloaded it from (Android Version) and saved it to a thumb drive then side loaded it to my MI box... Confused as always!!!!
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    17.4 update ?

    Thanks RavRob think I'll just save the new release to a thumb drive and if 17.3 starts giving me problems then I'll install 17.4
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    17.4 update ?

    I've not heard anything good about it! Update to it or not that is my question?:(:(
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    Welcome back everybody

    So happy you guys are back!!!
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    How do you know if your box has been compromised by subtitle exploit?

    Not sure if I am infected but a few days ago I've noticed that if I start to watch a movie I have to disable subtitles. Does this mean I could be possibly infected?
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    Kodi 17.3 Feedback thread

    Good morning! I love this forum thanks for all y'all do. Last night I installed 17.2 and it works just fine, however when I came to the forum I see version 17.3 so do I need to install it over 17.2? Thanks all
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    Other add-on not supported here

    OK thanks!!
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    Other add-on not supported here

    At the risk of sounding bit a puzzled where do I extract these files to? The Kodi addon folder???
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    Other add-on not supported here

    I too use Ex**us, SA*TS and Pho*nix (for hallmark and Lifetime) I see no reason to add more... RavRob I still have not been able to locate and install the Beta Repo Release for SA*TS in the settings tho....:confused::confused:
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    Other add-on not supported here

    Thanks I was just curious! I only use the add-ons that are supported here! The video I saw was insinuating that since Ex**us was under new management it wasn't doing so well and offered an alternative which BTW I totally disagree, Love Ex**us!!!!
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    Other add-on not supported here

    Lately I've been seeing several add-ons on YouTube that are not supported by Tvaddons. My question is, is it safe to install these add-ons? Even saw a video on how to tweak Ex**us so out of curiosity I thought I would ask here.
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    What should the Buffer

    Rate be set to in Ex**us and how often should you clear the cache? Thanks:confused:
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    Roku and Kodi

    I too stream kodi from my laptop to my roku stick. I simply use the cast/project option on my laptop to connect to roku stick, once connected to roku stick I open kodi and it's projecting to my TV. Just make sure that your roku stick supports casting I know not all of them do as I have 2 and one...
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    New Kodi will not launch in Win 10

    Please see my post I had the same problem getting 17 to install on My windows 10 computer. I checked the spec on my computer and it was compatible for Version 17. My problem was I had installed Jarvis 5+ times and had to use the special uninstaller to remove all traces of 16.1 from my computer...