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    RE your lawsuit -- suggestion

    Your GoFundMe idea is good, but I haven't seen publication of your side of the story anywhere. Don't know if your lawyer(s) told you not to do this, but the first thing you should have done and should be doing is to spread widely every detail of the lawsuit against you. Every detail. I'm pretty...
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    How feasible is it to set up your own vpn - like using a Raspberry Pi to do so

    I've been reading about how to set up your own vpn with a dd-wrt router; how to set up your own vpn. I checked out the top rated vpns and was truly disappointed how they add and upsell you and don't provide very many servers at all at their basic low price offerings. I cancelled two of the very...
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    A little help with IP addresses

    I notice that my Kodi installation does not report my external IP address. In the System Information Summary and Network sections I never see my external IP, always my router gateway and the D notice that my Kodi installation does not report my external IP address. In the System Information...
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    My Intro - silvanet

    Hey guys. I was on here before you took your site and forum down and then back up again. Sadly, I can't see many of the posts I made before. I'm a lawyer in US with over 20 yrs litigation experience. I've got some opinions on the "infringement" issues that I tried to express her and on the Kodi...
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    minimal required speed?

    Are a 4.5Mbps download and 2.75 Mpbs upload speed sufficient for kodi streaming?
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    A little help on backups

    Sorry, that didn't work. Can't change skin to any at all, because the menu item for interfaces is absent and clicking on it does nothing. I could to a complete factory re-set, but that means my entire configuration settings back to zero.
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    A little help on backups

    I have addons and settings as I like on my PC running latest Kodi 17.6 stable. I want to transfer that setup (essentially) to an old Android TV box, but it has Kitkat 4.4.2 and is running Jarvis 16.1. I'm happy with it running that way. I'm also using Confluence skin on both the PC and in the...
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    Welcome back everybody

    When everyone was in a panic, I posted comments to TorrentFreak and also here. There were so many reasons the lawsuit was total nonsense and I tried to explain it. I am a lawyer with a lifetime of litigation experience. Since you shut down and came back up, I don't see my posts. That's OK. I...
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    Who’s To Blame For The Kodi Crackdown?

    Just a little more because you of all people should know that almost nobody EVER does any in-depth research. Your own link to the pdf of the complaint from FreakTorrent's site gets a 404 Error. When you try to find it all you get is a docket image. You'd think Dish TV would have a top copyright...
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    Who’s To Blame For The Kodi Crackdown?

    Just to add a few cents worth. The date of that TorrentFreak story is THREE YEARS AGO. The author is the same person stirring the pot today. I'm a lawyer with over thirty years litigation experience. This guy knows absolutely nothing about the law and he has done a lot irresponsibly to stir the...
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    Parental Control (?)

    I used to use Kinkin's Universal Parental Control addon. I see that he has retired. I can no longer find his repo or his addon in Indigo or in TVAddons. Does anyone know how I can get it, or if someone has another parental control addon?
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    Outdoor or Sportsman Channels

    I know Sportsman channel was recently dropped by Verizon. Does anybody know of any Add-on geared specifically for outdoor sportsmen into the programs of the Outdoor Channel and the Sportsman Channel? I've seen YouTube claims of ways to view Outdoor Channel, but none of the ones I've seen work...
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    Kitkat and sd cards

    The SD fixes work. Still, there are a couple of things you have to do to prepare to use Link2SD. You need to partition your external SD card into two Primary partitions. I found an instruction video on YouTube using MiniTool Partition Wizard. You can also do this with Partition Magic in Linux...
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    Kitkat and sd cards

    Getting Kodi to use external SD card OK folks, any guidance is greatly appreciated. I installed the apk, granted it superuser rights, and ran the fix. Everything seemed to go successfully. When I run Kodi however it only seems to be using external memory if I connect a USB flash drive. The...
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    Kitkat and sd cards

    Wow, thanks! Been asking over at Kodi forums but they're not very friendly over there. Now all I need is to see if Kodi actually recognizes and uses that extra external SD card memory. Thanks a bunch.