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    Earn DVR Points!

    Just want to say Thanks to you for both the addon and the Earn Points program. I have at least 3 bazillion points because of you. I hope that you continue your support for this addon into the future, thru one outlet or another. Thanks again!
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    USTV Audio out of Sync

    I realize that this probably has nothing to do with the USTV NOW addon, but a coupla months ago my recordings started playing back with the audio out of sync with the video. Sometimes jumps around where the difference varies. Does this on both of my boxes, and I don't have this issue with any...
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    Replay's of NASCAR

    Thanks for adding those vids.
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    Replay's of NASCAR

    Speaking of Nascar replays, (not so subtle hijack coming) will you be posting the recent NBCSN Series "Journey to the Hammers" to VT Racing?
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    Using USTVNOWplus along side VidTime

    I am curious if there is any type of conflict that can arise from using USTVNOWplus (great addon, btw!) along side the VT TV-USA section of VidTime? I recently got an account error in USTVNOW (using my legit free acct). I tried using the "Force Clear Token" feature - it did not work. I just...
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    Another idea for mhancoc7

    Firstly, let me say that I like what you have done with USTVnow. Along those same lines, and compatible with TVaddons ant-piracy philosphy, I would like to suggest another addon. There is a service based out of Vancouver, Canada that offers, legally free, about 40 OTA channels (about half in HD)...
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    How to manually install gapps on 1.2.2

    Thanks. All very clear now.
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    How to manually install gapps on 1.2.2

    Regrettably not much support over at the Matricom Forums, so I will ask here. Apparently Matricom does not include Google apps in the beta firmware (Does any one know why?). I had to load 1.22 to solve other issues, but now there is no Google Play Store and I get "Google Play Services has...
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    How to see Movie Information from Context Menu

    Thanks Rob! The "I" at listing did it.
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    How to see Movie Information from Context Menu

    I *think* I understand how movie info works when you have a library of downloaded media, but I can not figure out how to see the movie info when you press C on a 1CH or Ice movie or TV Show listing. The context screen comes up, "Show Movie Info" is an option. But choosing that has no results...