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    Turning US Amazon Fire TV into a UK one

    Hello, Anyone from the UK who imported a AFTV from the USA before it came out over here tried to think about if it's at all possible to convert from US Firmware to UK Firmware?
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    USA to UK Amazon Fire TV

    Hello, Anyone thought about trying to reset settings on their Amazon Fire TV purchased in the USA in the UK now that the new ones are out? Would it be turned into a UK version or would it remain a US version? Would a DNS service like unblockus now be able to be used to switch from one Amazon...
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    Should I get an Amazon Fire TV?

    If you just want XBMC you can let it update and keep updating, it makes no difference for XBMC. Look at the Sticky's at the top of this forum, they tell you everything. I use adbfire for sideloading and it makes life very easy.
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    Should I get an Amazon Fire TV?

    Fire TV is the best XBMC box I have owned, couldn't be bothered with root, what it offers aren't needed. I use Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube and Hulu on it. It's easy to use, reliable, XBMC is an absolute dream on it. Overall, I couldn't recommend it highly enough.
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    Request Is rooting AFTV really required

    I don't think there are features you are missing out on. It was just that I preferred the other way. :-)
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    Request Is rooting AFTV really required

    It isn't impossible to download stuff, if you have a NAS you can download them to that quite easily through XBMC. Not saying the games aren't a plus, but there seems inconsistencies with some and I, for one, don't really feel that the Google Play bit is that necessary. It's all personal opinion...
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    Request Is rooting AFTV really required

    I unrooted mine and got the latest updates. Don't need to put an external drive on it, can sideload anything to it. I only did it to experiment, didn't find anything outstanding in doing the root to be fair. Gone back and don't miss it.
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    Expendables 3 Downloaders Told To Pay Up – Or Else

    The copyright settlement picture references the 2nd film
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    What does Root access allow?

    It seems that Amazon have got rid of the possibility of rooting your AFTV with the latest update. There are ways around it though. My question is: Does rooting just allow you to add a mass storage device and Google Play? If not what else is there? Cheers
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    FireTV or Pivos XS

    Kodi :-) isn't on the main menu and you have to go into "applications" but it is easy to do and once learnt there are no issues. My 9 year old son and 72 year old Dad know how to use it. AFTV is the best thing for Kodi I have used, super fast and super reliable. It should be an easy choice.
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    [HOW TO] Install Google Play store (ROOT)

    If you want to send me a private message with your email address I will send you the apk
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    VPN idea for AFTV

    Has anyone tried to use a VPN on their phone and then set up a "local hotspot" to it and then connect to it on their AFTV? It's not something I need and everything is working well so haven't tried myself. Just sat at work and thought it might work :-)
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    [HOW TO] Install Google Play store (ROOT)

    Where are you getting the apks from? If you use the evozi web page they only come down as apks.
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    Now TV

    It's a Sky box, they won't be implementing XBMC in the near, or distant, future. :-)
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    Are you Trakt user?

    Just started using Trakt, I'm Smiffy71 on there as well, please follow. Cheers