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    KODI-Capable Device To Run Richest High Def Streams?

    Nvidia Shield is by far the best! I use my Logitech Harmony remote to control it all. Works flawless
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    If anyone is wondering the Harmony Remotes work flawless on the Nvidia Shield.
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    Looking for a new machine

    Definitely the Nvidia Shield...even if its the 16GB, you can just plug in a external HDD.
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    Looks good Marquerite!
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    Welcome to the community! This is a great place to read up on about the many features Kodi has to offer.
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    [HOW TO] Install Google Play store (ROOT)

    Make sure your IP on the FireTV did not change (That has happened a few times when messing around with my router settings and reconnecting to different networks with the FireTV itself). Stop adb connections and wait a few seconds then reconnect. That has helped with me numerous times.
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    Amazon Fire ($84) PLUS Staples One-Day 20% Discount

    Great Find! Will look into this today after work.
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    Going for rasp pi to Amazon Fire TV

    They are all purchased from Amazon, and yes they are for personal use and family members are getting hooked and cutting the cable. I have 3 they I use in my own home, theater room, living room, man cave. Sent 1 to my sister, my mother, and my dad.
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    Mx iii

    Maybe try doing a Fresh Start, it might help.
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    Cant get fusion

    I still load all my devices with And it works like a charm!
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    Hello all!!

    You might want to check this thread out.
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    Looking for nick JR cartoons

    Hi nice to meet you...
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    Do you use a Remote Control app with XBMC?

    I use the built in Quick Remote on my cell phone. LG G3
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    Police Drop Charges Against Industrial-Scale ‘Pirate’

    I wouldn't say "WE" are all criminals... Using Kodi has nothing to do if you are just using it. Now if you have a setup and servers to broadcast LIVE content globally, ermmmmm then you might be doing something illegal.
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    Please Help - Video Pixelating on XBMC - Any Tips?

    I found out using the 5ghz wireless connection setting on my router for my FireTV, it works even better than being connected to the 2.4ghz (which is what everything else in the house is connected to)