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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    Zoomtak T8H s905 1g, 16g. In the bedroom and a T8 plus s812 2g,16g in the living room. Just upgraded to 16.0. Love the long press for context menu what an idea.
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    Kodi problem

    I read a post like this before turned out the gentlemans device date was set to 1970 so it only search for 1970 and earlier. Settings, more settings, date and time. That's ofcoarse if your date and time are incorrect.
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    Outdated addon message

    Velo**ty and SA*TS have been great for me.
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    Wow I had no idea!

    Just read the latest newsletter from tvaddons I had no idea people rip on Devs. This is just crazy talk. Why would you bite the hand that feeds you. What is wrong with people these days. I just glanced at a handful of post and it seems like a bunch of people who bought really cheap tv box's and...
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    Kodi won't work at all

    Hi, what version of kodi is on the box after the factory reset. have you tried running it with out 15.1?
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    KODI 14.1 takes all device storage then crashes

    Anyone figure this out im having the same issues. M8s fills up with 5-6GB and crashes. I have to uninstall kod and reinstall...
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    Android SetTop Box Master Thread. Buy, Don't Buy, User Advice & Reviews

    Element box after trying 5 different boxes I found this gem it runs an amlogic s812 2GB ram and 16gb storage. It comes preloaded with "custom version" of Kodi 14.0. I have to say it plays everything I can throw at it. Five stars! Next in line is the M8 amlogic s802 2GBram 8gb storage...
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    Do I have a Linux or Android OS?

    Ok great! On my way to the Kodi upgrade page. Wish me luck!
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    Do I have a Linux or Android OS?

    I want to upgrade to Kodi. I was told This device was android but after further inspection It has all android app but in the XBMC summery it says Linux 3.10.33. So my newb brain just about exploded. Which do I upgrade from?
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    Not sure Im in the right thread? kodi over XBMC

    I want to upgrade my Mobie Dazzle 2015 model from xbmc to Kodi. I know it has s812 2GB mem etc.. what I don't know if it has Linux in the back of android does that make sense? Or even possible. How do I wipe the old xbmc ? And which version of Kodi do I run? Any input would be great.
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    Remote with backlight?

    Favi unit is the one for me. Ive not seen another one yet with the "stop" key for under $40.00
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    Aloha! From a rock in the middle of the sea!!!!

    HI Gang, Just wanted to say Hi. I already used the site for info and Ive only had my box for 2 days!! (well my new box) Ive been running an Element for a few months that has Kodi. I tried to be fancy and get my boy a cheaper model for cartoons ect.. But was misled and now Im learning about...