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    Need help with install, Error with mount_flash

    What do you have in your "command line" ? My set up is the following boot=/dev/mmcblk0p1 disk=/dev/mmcblk0p2 quiet
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    vevo tv not working

    Hello, noticed the other day that VEVO TV, VEVO and Music Video Juke Box are no longer working. Is this due to changes to You Tube? Just wondering if there was going to a be fix for them? Thank you
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    Adbfire pushed failed?

    Hello, I am not to familiar with Adbfire but will try to help. What version are you using? I am using ver 1.14 because i have had issues with the newer versions. Under "file" and "preferences" i had to change "xbmc package name" to the following ...... org.xbmc.kodi Not sure if that will fix...
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    I am running this one on two FTV Sticks. Streams 1080p no problems. I have Kodi 14.2 RC1 installed on them. The FTV Stick is running fast and has a lot less memory and cpu usage on 14.2 RC1. I went with the cache buffer size of 40MB which is 41943040 . You want to have at least 3x the memory for...
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    Pi 2 - Recommendations for SD card & USB?

    I am using a Samsung class 10 micro sd and a Sandisk extreme usb 3.0 on the Pi2. Runs super quick :)
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    Ok this is what i did once i had the micor sd and usb flash drive formatted as per the instructions. 1. Downloaded the latest Openelec image for the Pi2. 2. Unzip image 3. Write image to micro sd card using an image writer. I am running Window so i used Win32DiskImager to write to the micro...
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    The one right here in the forums :)!
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    New Raspebrry Pi 2 vs Apple TV 1

    I believe Openelec will no longer support Apple builds. As far as speed goes, I do not own an Apple TV but have both Pi1 and Pi2. The Pi2 is fast. Runs Openelec perfectly. The Pi1 is quick when it is over locked and running on USB.
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    Fire tv stick keeps crashing when watching a movie.

    @ DankNasty..... Here are what i am using for my advanced settings on Fire TV Stick... <advancedsettings> <network> <buffermode>0</buffermode> <cachemembuffersize>52428800</cachemembuffersize> <readbufferfactor>10</readbufferfactor> </network> </advancedsettings> With my Fire...
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    Ok i have had my Pi2 setup for a few days now and overall i have been impressed. I have it set up with a Samsung micro sd and a Sandisk Extreme usb 3.0. I am running it overclocked "Turbo". arm_freq=1000 core_freq=500 sdram_freq=500 over_voltage=2 Comparing it to my Pi1 that has the same...
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    Video play back on fire stick stutters

    Yes i used the power supply that is for my iphone.
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    Video play back on fire stick stutters

    Hello, I had problems like what you described with my fire tv stick. There are problems with the supplied power supply. The fix is to swap it out with a different one. I swapped mine with a charger from a iphone. Problem cleared right away. If you google fire tv stick power supply you should...
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    hd source buffering advice/tvmc shortcut advice?

    I have verizon fios. I changed one of my DNS servers to a google DNS. Not sure what you have as a internet provider. Now also i have a Amazon FTV Stick and when watching stuff from Genesis i will get buffering issues when watching HD from time to time. It has a lot to do with links you pick...
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    hd source buffering advice/tvmc shortcut advice?

    A lot of times buffering is caused by the source host. The links to the hosts may be un high usage or may have connection problems. On Genisis i will try a few different links sometimes before getting one that dose not buffer. It also depends on the day if it is in the morning or evenings where...
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    local channels

    Ok thanks. The fire tv stick works great, it streams very well over wifi.