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    IMDB embedded video

    iMDB has embedded video on there web site. Many time this video is only available from IMDB. It maybe hosted by Hulu but Hulu does not stream the content, only IMDB. Long store short could an app pull that video out to stream it as using IMDB as a sorce?
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    [HOW TO] Disable Updates On Amazon Fire TV

    Everything I have read says you have to "root" the box. If there is a way I would like to know too.
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    Fast forward & rewind not working

    Any chance there is a help video on how to do this install.
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    Discontinued apple tv2

    Chrome box? After a quick google I find several makers. What do I look for? Brand? Software? Things like that. Thx.
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    Netflix nag on Atv2

    Been getting the same nag. If Netflix stops working so be it. I have kodi and that's the money shot.
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    Gotham issues

    Did a clean install of 12.3 and been stable
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    Gotham issues

    Hey folks have all kinds of weird issues with Gotham. Many more random reboots to start with and empty data bases when I do Pri**wire searches just to name a few. I deleted my user file and that helped for a half a day. I tried the fresh start app inside xbmc, no luck there either. Has anyone...