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  • @streamwatcher2013 Can you please help with Makelist for hxxps://www1.solarmovies.co/movie/filter/movies.html. I think CF is preventing code retrieval, but I'm not sure how to identify/confirm if a given site is using CF. -TIA
    Would you like to know how to get in REGEX please?





    Thank you very much in advance.
    good afternoon friend, merry christmas ... look at this website to access it you have to put the cookier but last a few minutes ,,, I put the cookier that I see with mozilla. but after a few minutes it doesn't work anymore Is there any way to create the coockies automatically?

    no need headers with cookies just use verify=False on get requests
    like this:
    LSP XML:
      return re.findall('(?s)Clappr.Player.+?source:\s*[\'"]([^\'"]+)',s)[-1]+'|user-agent=ipad&origin=https://dailysport.pw&referer=https://dailysport.pw/c1.php'
    Hey streamwatcher, Can you help? Your last xml for kimcartoon you sent me does not work anymore. I posted the xml on the scrapping topic...

    the post came out bad.
    It added a bunch of spaces After I posted it on my phone!
    Seriously, Never Touch A iPhone!

    Anyway, is it possible you could fix it?
    Cheers, 03stevensmi
    Hey streamwatcher,
    I Need some help from someone who is experienced.
    A few months ago, there was a request for a kimcartoon regex, but the regex did not work
    And the pastebin from you expired.
    I was wondering if you could have another quick look at a kimcartoon regex.
    Hello streamwatcher,
    can you help me please
    it possible to save regex as M3U8 file and save in dropbox to play it in SmartIPTV App,

    the session changed every Day.
    here is the links hxxp://www.elahmad.com/tv/embed.php?id=egypt_channel1
    this code changing (session=8bf2eb11c0bf997c80d8920e9fc363b5e7e98a0b5b536fdac72ac03393e1a78fa299017ce29bf1aa)
    It is Silverlight stream format from microsoft. I don't think Kodi can play their stream yet
    thanks streamwatcher,
    I need it for SmatIPTV app
    Kodi can play Silverlight since ver 17. LSP can play silverlight since ver 2.8.3

    The SmartIPTV App may not be able to play Silverlight streams though
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