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    audio and video play really fast on amazon fire tv (problem)

    I wanted to update this thread. The problem happened again. I ended up replacing the HDMI cable and that solved the problem. Hasn't happened since then.
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    audio and video play really fast on amazon fire tv (problem)

    thanks for all the replies to my post i'm not sure why, but it's working properly now only thing i did was unplug the AFTV and stick it in my dresser for a couple hours out of frustration. when i hooked it back up to my tv it works properly now thanks
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    audio and video play really fast on amazon fire tv (problem)

    yes every app i have tried mobdro, showbox, etc it's brand new. and from the moment i took it out of the box and completed the registration. i guess there is some welcome message after the registration is complete. that welcome message even played really fast and sound was like chipmunks...
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    audio and video play really fast on amazon fire tv (problem)

    I just got an amazon fire tv and rooted it. when i play a movie from the usb stick in sbmc or when i play tv using any app the audio and video play very fast. the audio sounds like a chipmunk speaking very fast is this a settings issue? how to fix this issue?
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    Best AirPlay app?

    Not trying to hijack, but when i go to blackmart with my android phone i cannot find AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) i use the search function and it says nothing found. i have even browsed through the apps and i cannot find it do you have a direct link for it or is there another place we can...
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    android app to control AFTV

    well the app i'm referring to may be part of mboxsettings. in mboxsettings you would set the remote control to ON mboxsettings may also have an .ODEX that it needs to work. if that's the case it wouldn't work one of my favorite functions of RemoteIME, is it has a working mouse, plus all the...
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    android app to control AFTV

    On my android tv box there is something like a remote server app, and on my phone i have installed Smart iRemote from the Google PlayStore. the Smart iRemote aka RemoteIME interacts with an app on my tv box, so i can use my phone to control my tv box so my question is there an app we can...
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    Matricom G-Box Q

    Instead of buying an overpriced Gbox-Q, why not buy an M8 with 2gb of ram and flash openelec to it? Don't think you will find a better user friendly combo than that for the money.
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    pre - root (procedure) questions

    well there's gonna be days i wanna play movies i have stored on my usb drive
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    pre - root (procedure) questions

    I was thinking about getting a used Amazon Fire TV from Craigslist and rooting it. the reason i want to root it is i assume i need to root it, so i can play movies from / through the usb port from my usb drive. so if i get a used one, is there a concern about it having updated firmware that...
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    How to upgrade from Eden to Gotham

    If it were my atv2 i would upgrade to frodo and not gotham. IMO gotham is a resource hog, and for an atv with old hardware i feel like frodo is the better choice.
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    down graded appple 2 from 6.2 to 5.3 still cant jb it ?

    the solution has been discussed here more than once.
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    Jail breaking latest apple version

    New solution to JB if you have windows PC. Solution is at FireCore website.
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    Downgrade xbmc step by step guide

    Bingo. this works great. It's fast and easy :)
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    the solution is here...