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    HELP. Nvidia shield console won't stream ?

    hi mate,start again.either sideload kodi via es file explorer or from the playstore. do your usual file manager fusion thing.i generally load up config wizard and addon installer. then i just install config wizard for android and thats you done. have a good look round youtube google for other...
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    Alternative to Rockcrusher

    plenty of alternatives even within the Pho*nix addon check out metalkettles repo,he has a few good movie addons aswell. still devastated rockcrusher pulled the plug.understand his reasons and nothing lasts forever. will be missed,same happened with ****** and we got over that.
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    cant put to sleep ?

    long press of home key puts the stick to sleep,always has.
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    here it is on the geforce forum.
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    has to be a firestick remote,you just go into settings bluetooth and pair the device.think you hold down either the home or play/pause for a few seconds,it pairs very easily and i prefered using it for the few hours I actually used the shield tv. never had any buffering issues.
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    got my shield tablet today,up and running and connected to my tv by micro restricted playstore,all my nefarious apks installed without issue.kodi running like my wet dream. this is how the shield tv should have came out the box.still devastated about that!
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    This is a stupid rule.

    gave up reporting it!
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    you will know from past threads i was desperate for this box so to say i was disappointed was a massive understatement.its capable of so much more and i cant understand why nvidia locked it down like that yet left all other shield devices open. like yourself i am lucky that the cost is not an...
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    dont want to come off as a hater as i am a lover of all things nvidia.had both the nvidia shield portable and tablet,even put up with the battery issue. sold my shield tv yesterday as i had had enough,i wanted an all singing all dancing nvidia experience like my tablet and portable before that...
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    Gifting a Fire TV stick set up with TVMC but registered with my amazon account

    sounds like its f**cked mate. get onto amazon for a repacement.if you have tried unplugging it from the power socket and leaving it for ten minutes,if after that its still in bootloop you will need to contact amazon for a replacement. it happens.
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    Gifting a Fire TV stick set up with TVMC but registered with my amazon account

    hi mate,dont bother with the sacrificial app as firestarter allows you to boot into kodi with one press of the home key.once you install firestarter you can map home key to however may clicks you like.i use one press for kodi and two presses for firestick home page
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    Gifting a Fire TV stick set up with TVMC but registered with my amazon account

    Klit75 is right,there is no way you can brick a stick. make sure its plugged into the wall and try again. what i use is a very old version of adbfire to sideload my apks. best thing to do is sideload firestarter. open that,update it to latest version if not already then you can load kodi via...
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    Bug Config Wizard not working in UK

    dont know mate,use the android wizard if the firetv does not install.i am on talktalk and installed kodi via the wizard at 22.00 last night.
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    its down to personal preference,i like the fire remote so for me it was a bonus it works on the shield tv exactly as i need it.
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    Abd shield

    ps adb shield is a godsend,i would have been f***ed without it.