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    ATV4 MrMC

    Looks like davilla is testing a stripped down Kodi for the ATV4 app store. I'm not computer savvy but looks like the non-pirate add-on functionality will be there in order to be app store approved (something something python removed?) Any insight on how this might lead to tvaddons fork to move...
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    Initial Release OSMC Kodi 15 on USB For ATV1...HDD install looks imminent

    Sam Nazurko rocks. BCHD sounds like it will work in his build. Runs off a USB only for now but moving towards HDD install... This thing never dies.
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    is kodi 14 available for apple tv 1st gen

    I just updated from 13.2 the other day to 14.2 from the OSMC site. Just make sure you read wrxtcy's instructions fully. I got stuck in a bootloop of black screens on my first attempt and it was solved previously on...
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    ATV 2 Gotham Official Release - Crashes to Frontrow after 1 or 2 movies play

    I tried adding to a conversation at but made the ghastly mistake of saying that I used Maintenance to clear my cache and got link here With a March 20something build of Gotham I was getting frequent crashes on my...
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    Video Devil

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with Video Devil at the moment. Motherless streams do not seem to play this last week. Will post a log when I have access. Thanks
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    Just got an Atv1, should I install Linux? Really?

    Seeing that 1Ch**nel and Ic*f*lms are likely now off the table for Eden, I am finally going to switch over to the Linux build. The only thing really holding me back is actually that I like the itunes Radio setup and the music playback of my library are so much more fluid than I find XBMC to be...
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    xbmchub addon repo

    Got it - thanks. Tried it again, think I only tried a long press on the button instead of a single tap...duh on my part. Still took a bit of messing around and multiple tries .. then a failed reboot (it just sat there after selecting 'exit' and just had to reboot the whole deal...then had to...
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    xbmchub addon repo

    Hi - I'm also having difficulty with this. I know how to do this with my Apple TV's with the long hold. I can't figure out which button on the Ouya is the menu though. You can try to long hold them all, including the joysticks. No luck. Any suggestions or as the previous poster states , is...
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    crystalbuntu 2.0

    Sorry if I sound dumb here but I haven't used crystalbuntu before (atvflash currently with broadcom crystal HD installed) What sort of files do i need to be playing to 'require' changing to crystalbuntu vs running the atv os and xbmc as I am now. Is the improvement mostly on your own rips over...
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    is something up with xbmc?

    Thankyou. I'll see if my other atv won't update and try this. I ended up totally uninstalling XBMC and reinstalling it from scratch from another thread here and it updated immediately. This sounded a lot easier but I got bored : )
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    is something up with xbmc?

    This thread was as close to what I'm experiencing so maybe ? related or the same thing. I'm on an ATV2 (4.4.4 where I am stuck until Season Pass gets updated). Running Frodo 12.1 I haven't had this issue before but I haven't been able to update some addons. I have tried the...
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    AppleTV 1 time wrong in XBMC?

    Not sure if this is helpful or not - mine was off the other day as well. Did you try making sure you have the time in Nito TV set appropriately in the atv menu? It corrected mine.
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    advanced settings.xml for atv 1st gen?

    Sorry - I'm confused - so if I'm on an ATV 1 i shouldn't use this then?
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    Is there a Advanced Settings XML for Apple TV 1st gen available via fusion

    God you guys are fast. Thanks very much - I'll give this a try tonite. Previous poster mentioned Frodo - I thought I had read on that frodo would not be able to be used on ATV 1st gen? Keep up the great work!!!!!
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    Is there a Advanced Settings XML for Apple TV 1st gen available via fusion

    Hopefully not a dumb question: Does XBMC Hub have a downloadable Advanced Settings XML that is specifically for Apple TV 1st gen similar to the one for IOS/ATV2 as per Thanks (and thanks for...