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    Hello and welcome to the hub haan, join in the discussions.
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    Tips and small tutorials to help create addons!

    The only right way is the way you can make work for you and understand, every developer develops their own coding style. Take my style could be called toilet code, but I can read it and keep trying to learn and improve upon it.
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    Need help with scraping!

    Try: <h3> <a href="(.+?)" class="movie-title" title=".+?">(.+?)</a> </h3>.+?<div class="poster">.+?<img src="(.+?)"> just tell it to ignore everything between the title and when the division for the poster starts. You will need to add re.DOTALL so it would look like this: match =...
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    Hello Libra787, thank you for signing up and welcome to The HUB. Make sure to get fusion installed and try out all the Add-ons available. If your not fusion than your snoozing.......................
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    Attempting to make add but need some help scraping site

    Have you worked over the voinage tutorial? It is very descriptive in the scraping area. Next is just practice and practice, keep the from the tutorial handy and test with it. When ever I see a request come thru in the request section I always try to scrape the site weather I intend on...
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    Attempting to make add but need some help scraping site

    Here is a regex for the youtube link using the page match=re.compile('<embed src="(.+?)" type=".+?"').findall(link)...
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    How to make your own Add-On?

    What helped me get started was the tutorial from voinage: More information from the Dev section...
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    Hi to everyone

    Welcome sluggsy, thank you for taking the time to sign up and joining The HUB. To help alleviate the hair pulling just remember to read and search the forums. Just about any issue you might run into has already been discussed here.
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    Hi everybody

    Hello and welcome to the greatest community on the net.
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    Hello all I'm a noob.

    Scorpion_CR1 welcome to the HUB, glad you found us and utilizing the great content within this community.
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    The Dare Wall - Music Videos/Television/Movies/Radio - []

    v0.2 pushed out added Tv-Shows and all links should show up now. Thanks to HIGHWAY99 the audio area will be added soon as well.
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    Hi to All

    Welcome Honda_vtis to the HUB, thanks for joining and please join in on any of the conversation.
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    The Dare Wall - Music Videos/Television/Movies/Radio - []

    RumbleFish, check out my REPO. I have added Movies and search. Tv-Shows and others will be added later, They have a javascript updating the embeded links not all the same so working on getting all the hoster links added and working on resolvers for Allmyvideos, and Viddto-ipad. When I get all...
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    hello from me

    Hello wozz17, welcome to The HUB doesn't it feel better now than just lurking around?
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    Hello dssfire, welcome and thanks for joining.