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    BubbleUPnp and Xbmc (YES)

    I've had no success when it comes to any video addons . @showgun - I thought the player core files were needed for XBMC android
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    BubbleUPnp and Xbmc (YES)

    Hey everyone. I'm no good at writing guides, but I'm going to do my best. * This was made using XBMC on my home PC. I do not know if this will work with XBMC for android or with iOS. Today the app for android BubbleUPnP was updated to support the chromecast. With this wonderful app, you...
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    2.4GHZ mini wireless keyboard

    Leave it to charge over night. After that make sure the USB receiver is in properly plugged in. Try it with a computer and make sure it works.
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    how to fix broken plugins (openelec)?

    Gotham could not be supported for many addons until it has a official stable release.
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    What is the most popular skin used by HUB members

    I'm using Transparency! I've tried other skins but this is my favorite over all
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    PMing you now
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    Iphone 4s Installed XBMC/Fusion runs great on Wifi. doesn't work off wifi

    There really is no way to fix it. And even with a unlimited data plan, your speed can be slow.
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    Iphone 4s Installed XBMC/Fusion runs great on Wifi. doesn't work off wifi

    Depends on the carrier. I know on sprint with my 4s, streaming anything is a struggle (that's here in Orlando, Fl)
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    BBM Pins!

    So since Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has finally been released on iOS and Android, I figured this would be a good way for us Hubsters (I couldn't think of anything better) to make new friends being that the app is free. So if you want to, go ahead and post your Pins/Barcodes below. Of course...
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    Fullscreen video help

    Do you have it set to show the info when you hit the enter key on a selection instead of just playing it?
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    Fullscreen video help

    Try this, Go to settings>System>Video Output. Once there, check to see if "Use a fullscreen rather than true fullscreen" is un checked. If it is, select it and press enter to make it check and see if that helps at all
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    Will it work on Satellite box

    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it's possible.
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    Looking for some info

    can someone tell me what exactly can be done with livestreams and also what kind of videos came be used. I keep seeing these can be added to PsuedoTV Live but i'm soo lost it's not even funny....ok it may be a little funny
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    Need Advice Before Buying a HTPC

    My username is actually my name with "The" at the beginning (long story).
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    Need Advice Before Buying a HTPC

    I used HDMI to achieve 1080p on my tv. Before when I was using the onboard VGA everything looked good, but HDMI the picture is better