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    Fresh Krypton 17.6 on iPhone 10.2

    Thanks RavRob. They are all enabled. I have the same addons on a Windows machine with Kodi 17.4 and the addons still work there. I'm almost ready to wipe kodi off my iPhone and start all over but it's very tricky removing everything from a DEB file install on an jailbroken iPhone.
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    Fresh Krypton 17.6 on iPhone 10.2

    I just installed Krypton 17.6 DEB (ARM64) over previous 17.5 on a jailbroke iPhone SE. Now, a few of my addons no longer function while a few still work. I tried manually updating all the non working repositories and addons but they still don't work. I pasted a log file at...
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    Kodi always crashes the first time on boot Win7ultimate

    Lee, where do you get the Windows 64 bit version of Kodi? All I see is one version available on the Kodi download page.