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    filmon preview channels

    got it, thanks - have my p$ as my back up so that works most times - ill just continue to click the channel after i get kicked on filmon...good thing is only takes 5 secs to reconnect 3 mins later kicked, click channel, 5 secs later we have light till im done with the ... itll have to...
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    filmon preview channels

    hi - wasnt sure where to start this thread or if anyone discussed this topic..pls redirect me b/c i have looked... thing is ... no matter what addon i use (there are several) to stream live UK channels, that is offered by filmon Fre*view, (as of couple three weeks or so now) noticing that all...
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    Canada going after android boxes?

    so long as the resellers stop using wording like "cut your cable bills" and stop preloading the addons the CRTC cannot touch the sales of the streaming devices not like going after servers that offer TV content by those means those streamers are even more legite than those IRD that were...
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    MXQ box, can't even get past MBOX?

    happened to us here to few months back - depending where you ggot it from take it back if under any type warranty - many of those models are clones - we suggest you spend a little more $$ and buy a Pro model and from a rep location - thats what we did and no issues with the Pro and is better specs