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    PVR setup

    From inside one of the setup guides listed in this thread, You will find a link to just that a guide to set up PVR...
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    Need help with clearing thumbs cache

    Try here for info,
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    How I Built the Media Center of My Dreams for Under $500

    Fancy a bit of DIY or just a very good howto guide for setting up your own HTPC system try this guide from the Lifehacker site, Combine that with these two other posts of mine to get the complete round up of...
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    Hello Jorge, welcome to the Hub enjoy your time here. :D
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    How to Place Your Speakers to Maximize Your Home Theater Experience

    Now you have set up your Hi Def TV with the first guide i posted, Here is a guide to set up your speaker system to complete your home theatre experience, link takes you...
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    Unable to connect to wifi on virgin media

    MX2 fix is here, Using Root Explorer go to data/misc/wifi - Click and hold the OK button on wpa_supplicant file - Click Delete And Confirm - Go to Settings or SettingsMBox and turn on your Wifi - Select your...
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    Android TV Box wifi not working. Please help.

    Have a look at this video for a complete reset, Or try this wifi fix which Yorkie missed in the other thread that he linked to,
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    Also feeling overwhelmed

    This is a link to the wiki on XBMC.Org they are responsible for creating XBMC software and we are responsible for creating 3rd party Addons that work with XBMC, This is a link to ATV1 Section...
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    Also feeling overwhelmed

    Don't be overwhelmed we are here to help, it can seem daunting at first but trust me they are friendly lot on here, now do you know if your ATV has an upgraded 1080 card installed or not as that apparantly takes away the wifi option ? found here...
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    Have you changed anything since you last posted in the other thread?
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    A new idea, for a new kind of addon :)

    "Still think the Free Cable addon is not ALL that as they say - I think it's time for the Dev's to get their compilers out and have a go - or I will do it myself as soon as I can figure out how to code it using the Wolfram language" Love that, i would be the first to test a new cookie (sorry...
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    A new idea, for a new kind of addon :)

    The force is strong with this poster, please post back with any results of your investigations :D
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    Cant Install XBMC on Ipod touch First requirement to install XBMC for iOS you must have a jailbroken iDevice
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    apple tv 2
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    ouya box

    Have a look at this thread and google this, TP-Link 200Mbps adapter as an example,